On October 23, join the Oslo Freedom Forum in New York for riveting talks, world-class networking, and conversations with some of world’s most brave and innovative people. Leaders in advocacy, philanthropy, technology, media, and the arts will share their stories with you and together we will brainstorm how to better expand freedom and unleash human potential.


The Oslo Freedom Forum in New York will take place at NYC’s historic Town Hall, which has been at the crossroads of history and culture since its creation by suffragists in 1921. The open view of the stage from any seat in the house reflects the democratic principles of its founding activists. Designed to foster civic engagement, it is the ideal home for this year’s Oslo Freedom Forum in New York.

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Confirmed speakers include:


• Aric Toler, Bellingcat writer and journalist
• Bryan Fogel, Academy Award-winning film director, producer, and author
• Denise Ho, Hong Kong singer and pro-democracy and LGBTQI activist
• Evan Mawarire, civil rights activist, pastor, and leader of #ThisFlag
• Garry Kasparov, HRF’s chairman and outspoken democracy activist
• Gustavo Tovar, Venezuelan lawyer, poet, director, and educator
• Masih Alinejad, Iranian American journalist, author, and political activist
• Pete Pattison, award-winning investigative journalist based in Kathmandu
• Thae Yong-Ho, former-North Korean deputy ambassador to the United Kingdom
• Vanessa Tsehaye, Eritrean free speech activist and founder of One Day Seyoum
• Christopher Balding, global finance expert and China scholar
• Thor Halvorssen, HRF’s founder and President