Human Rights: The Fight of the Unheard

We’re Uniting the World

To Stand Against Tyranny

We exist to unite the world to stand against tyranny.

How We Help


What does the Human Rights Foundation do? 

We promote freedom where it’s most at risk: in countries ruled by authoritarian regimes. 


How does the Human Rights Foundation do this? 

By partnering with world-changing activists, creating innovative solutions, and activating millions of supporters. 


What are the issues that Human Rights Foundation works on?

HRF promotes liberal democracy in countries ruled by authoritarian regimes. Liberal democratic values are best expressed through the rights outlined in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Activism In Action 

Belarus Journalism Grants

HRF’s mission is to promote democracy and human rights where they are systematically denied to people. Alexander Alexander Lukashenko’s regime in Belarus is one of the most violent and brutal dictatorships in the world, where political dissent is met with extreme brutality. HRF sponsors journalists in Belarus to shine a light on Lukashenko’s brutal repression. 

Art In Protest

Art in Protest highlights artists living under authoritarian regimes or in exile, whose art is connected to their struggle for democracy and basic human rights in their countries. 

Micro Grants

We connect donors with activists who are on the front lines challenging tyranny. We track the impact investment and assist the activist to leverage the grant to its fullest.

Every single day, our partners are at the front lines fighting for human rights. Help them change the world.

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“When you're stuck out in the field, the power of one feels pretty feeble, until you get this recognition that the power of one is everywhere, scattered all over the world, and HRF is this extraordinary universal knitting machine that knits us all together.”

Justine HardyAuthor and journalist