Malaysia's anti-fake news law is a serious threat to freedom of expression in the country. Read about this case in NPR.

Apr 30, 2018

A Danish citizen in Malaysia has pleaded guilty to maliciously publishing fake news by posting a YouTube video critical of police, making him the first person punished under the country's new, controversial Anti-Fake News Act.

Salah Salem Saleh Sulaiman, 46, is a citizen of Denmark. He posted on YouTube on April 21, after a Palestinian lecturer was shot and killed in Kuala Lumpur.

In the video, Sulaiman "claimed he was with the Palestinian victim during the shooting and made countless calls to the police who arrived the scene 50 minutes later," Malaysia's The Star reports.

But police say their records show that a patrol car was on the scene eight minutes after the shooting, according to Reuters. Sulaiman was charged with maliciously publishing fake news.

Sulaiman, who did not have a lawyer, pleaded guilty. He was fined just over $2,500, but because he could not pay the fine, he will serve a month in jail, Reuters says.

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