HRF condemns the crackdown on the media and civil society organizations in Hungary.

Feb 16, 2018

(ABC News) – Nearly 30 years after the end of communism, the tightening stranglehold Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his oligarch allies have on key sectors of Hungary's media has inspired a group of activists to relaunch a modern version of samizdat, the clandestine publications created by dissidents in the Soviet era.

On a recent day, activists handed out copies of the publication to passengers on outbound trains at Budapest's Keleti station, hoping copies would reach people in rural areas whose main source of news comes from heavily controlled state news outlets.

Yet this act of resistance is unlikely to do much to shake the rule of the 54-year-old Orban, who has centralized power for his conservative Fidesz party over eight years of rule and seems set to win a third consecutive term in April elections.

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