Zimbabwe's parliament met on Monday to begin impeachment proceedings against authoritarian president Robert Mugabe.

Nov 20, 2017

(The Washington Post) – A day after Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe defied the nation’s calls to resign, lawmakers here frantically searched on Monday for a legal path to dismiss the long-ruling leader.

Parliamentarians met in the afternoon to begin impeachment proceedings, even as questions were raised about the viability of the process. Impeaching Mugabe could take weeks, and would require forming a broad coalition from the country’s fragmented opposition.

“We are going to take the impeachment route,” said Lovemore Matuke, the parliament’s chief whip.

The country is still in shock as a widely expected resignation did not take place during a speech on Sunday night. Instead Mugabe delivered a mumbling, rambling address promising to address economic problems at a party congress he would lead next month.

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