Tunisia's opposition called for protests against the Tunisian competitive authoritarian regime's 2018 budget to continue

Jan 9, 2018

(U.S. News & World Report) – Tunisia's main opposition party on Tuesday called for protests to continue until the government scraps its "unjust" 2018 budget including price and tax hikes, a day after one demonstrator was killed in clashes.

Protests erupted in more than 10 towns across Tunisia on Monday against the price and tax increases imposed by the government to reduce its ballooning deficit and satisfy its international lenders. One protestor was killed in Tebourba, a town 40 km (25 miles) west of the capital Tunis.

On Tuesday, hundreds protested on central Tunis's Avenue Habib Bourguiba, scene of the mass protests that ousted Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali in 2011, with people chanting: "No fear" and "Prices have shot up."

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