Your Human Rights

Educational guides on country-specific human rights issues.


Your Human Rights partners with civil society groups operating under dictatorships to create country-specific guides that explain in very simple terms why the lack of civil and political rights is contrary to the basic norms agreed upon by all nations of the world.

Guides have been created for more than 20 countries and are offered in the local language; provide context-specific examples of human rights violations; and offer suggestions for what people can do to protect and safeguard their rights. When completed, the guides are distributed through local networks and uploaded for public access at

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“The principle of universal human rights must underpin our fight for freedom, democracy and peace. Through this human rights guide, people in and from Burma will not just learn about their own human rights, but also the rights of others. They learn that human rights are universal, they belong to everyone, regardless of their race, religion, language, gender or wealth. They cannot be selectively applied.” Zoya Phan, BCUK (Burma)