The Uncensored Library: In the “Uncensored Library,” Reporters Without Borders confronts the lack of free press and free speech in many parts of the world. Authoritarian regimes often resort to banning books, websites, news outlets, and social media accounts that are critical of them, to quell dissent and maintain their grip on power. The “Uncensored Library” contains an archive of banned works in Minecraft, allowing dissidents in authoritarian regimes to access materials not available online or in bookstores. It provides a safe space for journalists — from Russia, to Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Mexico — to bypass internet censorship, and share their ideas with other users around the world.

Blindfold: “Blindfold,” a VR game by iNK Stories, puts players into the shoes of an aspiring photojournalist during the 1979 Revolution in Iran. The Iranian Revolution overthrew Shah Mohammad Pahlavi, and led to the establishment of an Islamic theocracy led by Ayatollah Khomeini. Dissidents faced severe repression under the Khomeini regime, including censorship, interrogation, imprisonment, torture, and death. In “Blindfold,” Asadollah Lajevardi, a real-life warden who worked at the infamous Evin Prison in Iran, interrogates the player, who has been ostensibly detained for speaking out against the government. The player undergoes a tense questioning, which includes threats and violence. Through this chilling experience, the game reveals what it is like to be an imprisoned journalist — a reality many dissidents from authoritarian regimes face to this day.

Name of the Will: Name of the Will” is a story-driven adventure game created by Zeitgeist Studio, in which players undertake missions in a futuristic, dystopian society resembling Hong Kong. Since the passage of the draconian National Security Law in 2020, the Hong Kong government has stripped citizens of their individual rights, dismantled independent media outlets, and cracked down on dissent. “Name of the Will” aims to expose players to what its creators call “the Hong Kong spirit of our generation — exhausting at times, determined at times — as lovable as it is despicable.” Through a series of covert missions and challenging mechanical puzzles, players can get a sense of how it feels to be a dissident in a place where freedom is under constant threat.