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Join us at the 2023 Oslo Freedom Forum

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HRF's 2022 Annual Report

HRF has a simple goal:
Expose authoritarianism and defend democracy worldwide.


15th edition of the Oslo Freedom Forum

June 13-15, 2023
Oslo, Norway


Women at the Forefront of Democracy

Throughout this series, we explore the incredible stories of women
who took the lead to challenge repression.


HRF at the 2023 SXSW

HRF Brought Discounted Lives
Installation to SXSW


New HRF Report

"Qatar's Human Rights Record
in the World's Spotlight"


Defund Dictators

Are your investments
funding dictators?


Donate to HRF’s
Ukraine Solidarity Fund


Uniting the world to stand against tyranny

Raed Fares
2017 Oslo Freedom Forum Speaker


More than half of the world lives under tyranny.

Tyranny is
the root of
war, and

We’re uniting the world to stand against tyranny.

More than half of the world lives under tyranny. It is the root of
poverty, and war.

We’re changing that.

With our community of activists, policy experts, philanthropists, we create innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing problem, and inspire millions of supporters


We partner with world-changing dissidents.

 We defend, support, and give a platform to human rights activists who are boldly changing their communities and countries.


We create innovative solutions.

We connect dissidents to industry leaders and develop modern solutions to address the worst human rights violations.


We activate millions of supporters.

We amplify the impact of dissidents in our network by inspiring people around the world to participate in their initiatives.

News About Our Work

Our Impact


Global media impressions


Video views of rights advocate telling their story


New tech/creative partnerships with activists


Dollars in new funding for human rights work


Meetings with top-level decision makers on five continents


Students attending Freedom Forum programs


Major companies participating in Freedom Forum events


Oslo Freedom Forum speakers

Every single day, our partners are at the front lines fighting for human rights. Help them change the world.

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“When you're stuck out in the field, the power of one feels pretty feeble, until you get this recognition that the power of one is everywhere, scattered all over the world, and HRF is this extraordinary universal knitting machine that knits us all together.”

Justine HardyAuthor and journalist

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