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OSLO, NORWAY (March, 2022) — The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) is delighted to announce that the Norwegian industrial investment company Aker will sponsor programming at the 14th annual Oslo Freedom Forum through its company Seetee.

The 2022 Oslo Freedom Forum will take place on May 23-25 at Oslo Konserthus, and will feature a mix of talks, panels, performances, exhibits, and workshops focused on expanding human rights and democracy worldwide.

Seetee, a company that invests in projects and companies in the Bitcoin ecosystem, will help support a Financial Freedom track on May 23 and 24, which will explore the nexus of human rights and finance and money, and the future of payment systems. It will also support a Bitcoin Academy on May 25, which will help activists, human rights defenders, and journalists from countries under authoritarian rule and with emerging markets learn how to understand how to use Bitcoin safely and securely.

Seetee joins other Oslo Freedom Forum supporters and partners, including the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the City of Oslo, the Sergey Brin Family Foundation, Twitter, Amazon, Google Jigsaw, Fritt Ord, Kavlifondet, and Amnesty Norway.

For any questions about the Financial Freedom track, the Bitcoin Academy, or the Human Rights Foundation’s work at the intersection of money and human rights, please contact [email protected].