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We are two months away from the 16th annual Oslo Freedom Forum (OFF), and our speaker lineup keeps growing! We can’t wait to welcome the world’s most dedicated and courageous voices to the OFF stage, where they’ll share their experiences, insights, and strategies in the ongoing struggle to reclaim democracy.


Don’t miss this opportunity to hear their stories firsthand and become part of the OFF community. Register today!

Paul Rusesabagina

Human rights activist and real-life “Hotel Rwanda” hero

Rusesabagina, a former hotel manager, hid and saved more than 1,000 refugees during the Rwandan genocide. His heroic feat was portrayed in the Hollywood film “Hotel Rwanda.” In 2020, he was kidnapped by the Rwandan regime and arbitrarily detained for two and a half years. He was released in March 2023.

Georges Azzi

Gender and LGBTQI+ rights activist

Azzi founded Helem, the first LGBT organization in Lebanon, and the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality, now a regional advocacy powerhouse. Living in exile in Spain, he continues his work as a global expert on the intersection of sexuality, gender, migration, and health.

Raqib Hameed Naik

Founder of India Hate Lab & Hindutva Watch

Hindutva Watch is India’s only digital database of hate crimes and speech against religious minorities and other marginalized groups. Naik also founded India Hate Lab, which studies hate speech and disinformation. In January, India blocked access to both organizations’ websites.

Jack Dorsey

CEO, Block; Co-founder, Twitter

Dorsey is an American Internet entrepreneur and programmer, co-founder and former CEO of Twitter, and current head of payments company Block, Inc. He is an investor and supporter of open-source communications and financial software, and has backed numerous initiatives to help grow Bitcoin, Nostr, and open AI systems worldwide.

Lyn Alden

Macroeconomist; author of “Broken Money”

Alden is the author of “Broken Money,” a history of how currency has transformed from a bearer instrument with various freedom benefits into a tool of electronic control. She is also an independent financial analyst and prolific writer about global economics and their relationship with individual freedoms. She will join Jack Dorsey on stage for a conversation about decentralized finance, social media and AI.

Ahmed Fouad Alkhatib

Gaza writer and analyst

Alkhatib is a Palestinian peace advocate who grew up in Gaza City and has written extensively about Gaza’s political and humanitarian affairs. He is an outspoken critic of Hamas and a promoter of coexistence and peace between Palestinians and Israelis.


Don’t miss this opportunity to hear their stories firsthand and join them in the global movement for human rights. Stay tuned for additional speaker announcements, and register for OFF today!


You can find additional details about the event and participating speakers at oslofreedomforum.com, and regular updates on our X and Instagram

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If you are interested in bringing your family to the OFF Camp for Kids, please contact [email protected] by April 15. OFF Kids is an interdisciplinary human rights camp that includes fun activities, sports, and educational programming around the city of Oslo.