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The Belarus Solidarity Fund provides extensive assistance to individuals and organizations who support democracy in Belarus.

Since 1994, Belarus has been ruled by Alexander Lukashenko. Over nearly three decades, he has established near-total control over Belarus’ law enforcement, judiciary, and political system, turning the country into one of the most repressive states on the planet. In August 2020, however, Lukashenko faced nationwide protests after failing to address the COVID-19 pandemic, falsifying the results of the presidential elections, and committing egregious human rights abuses.

Launched during the 2020 protests, the Belarus Solidarity Fund has raised more than $1 million in direct aid for Belarusian civil society — from activists who face steep fines or arbitrary imprisonment, to journalists who have had to relocate due to the risk of arrest, to workers who participate in strikes at government factories.

HRF’s Belarusian Journalism Initiative has helped dozens of independent journalists and media outlets continue their work after being forced to flee Lukashenko’s repressive regime.

Our Strategy

The Belarus Solidarity Fund supports the Belarusian pro-democracy movement by offering financial aid to protesters, and raising awareness of the situation in Belarus.


We provide financial aid to Belarusian activists, journalists, independent media outlets, civil society leaders, and victims of government repression.


We keep the topic of Belarus relevant by publishing op-eds, blog posts, and podcasts on the pro-democracy movement and the state of human rights in Belarus.

Our Impact

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