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The CCP Disruption Initiative aims to expose the myriad of ways that the CCP’s rapidly growing global influence poses a major threat to human rights and freedoms.

The CCP Disruption Initiative aims to increase awareness about the CCP’s ongoing attacks on civil liberties, and inspire a change in public attitudes toward Xi Jinping’s authoritarian regime. The program’s main areas of focus include: corporate intimidation, digital surveillance, the crackdown on Chinese human rights defenders, the Uyghur genocide, the severe stifling of freedoms in Tibet, and the trampling of freedoms in Hong Kong. 

China is rapidly evolving, as is activism. HRF believes it is crucial to provide a platform for young activists, who are spearheading bold and innovative approaches to stand up against the CCP’s tyranny, as the future of democracy and human rights in China and its peripheries now falls in the hands of the next generation.

Our Strategy

The CCP Disruption Initiative entails innovative campaigns, public education events, policy research, and strategic media to raise awareness of the Chinese government’s crimes.


We launch creative and innovative campaigns to raise awareness about the Chinese government’s attacks on freedom and civil liberties. 


We publish reports, policy notes, and op-eds to document and advance public understanding about the Chinese government’s authoritarian influence internationally.


We amplify the voices of activists who have spoken out against the Chinese government, by providing them with a global platform to share their stories.

Examples of Impact

HRF testified before the US Congress about the Chinese government’s economic coercion.

In December 2021, a representative from HRF was invited to testify at a congressional hearing about China’s economic coercion. At the hearing, HRF presented domestic policy recommendations directly to the United States Congress, and emphasized the human rights implications of the Chinese government’s weaponization of economic clout.

We called for a boycott of the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

At the 2021 Oslo Freedom Forum in Miami, HRF featured an exhibition by Chinese dissident artist and Havel Prize Laureate Badiucao to remind the world why Beijing must not be allowed to host the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games. In early 2022, HRF and the Lantos Foundation for Human Rights & Justice joined activists globally to call on democratic governments to commit to a diplomatic boycott of the Games, and refuse to send official representation. On the eve of the Games, HRF co-hosted a peaceful demonstration in front of the Capitol in Washington, DC to denounce the systematic human rights violations perpetrated by the CCP, and call attention to the complicity of corporate sponsors and the International Olympics Committee.

HRF sent private letters to brands and academic institutions, urging them to acknowledge the CCP’s abuses.

These private letters urged key decision makers to no longer provide a veneer of legitimacy to the Chinese government’s crimes, and to pay attention to the CCP’s abuses — including the Uyghur genocide, overseas intimidation tactics, transnational repression, and academic infiltration. This form of outreach has paved the way for several private, closed-door meetings with HRF to discuss specific ways to stand up for human rights.

We submitted policy recommendations to the US Department of Homeland Security.

In March 2022, HRF submitted a public comment to the US Department of Homeland Security to help ensure that the US’s Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) would be as robust and effective as possible. The Act was enforced in June 2022.

News & Media

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