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NEW YORK, NEW YORK (Feb. 6, 2024) — The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) is delighted to announce an ongoing partnership with Ignite Talks for the Freedom Fellowship program.

The Freedom Fellowship is a unique, one-year program that gives human rights advocates, social entrepreneurs, and nonprofit leaders from authoritarian regimes the opportunity to increase the impact of their work.

Last April, Ignite Talks mentors Firen and Brady Forrest began teaching the Fellows skills in messaging, public speaking, and pitching. The seven-week program culminated in an Ignite Talks event at the 2023 Oslo Freedom Forum (OFF), at which the Fellows were each invited to give a five-minute presentation about their advocacy work.


HRF recognizes the importance of effective communication in the organization’s mission to protect and promote human rights globally. Advocacy is not just about having a cause; it’s about conveying that cause in a way that moves people to action. This is why the Ignite Talks method, known for its concise, engaging, and impactful style, will be invaluable to the HRF Fellows.

Ignite Talks mentorship will provide Fellows with additional tools to advocate for human rights more effectively. By learning how to craft compelling narratives, speak confidently in public settings, and pitch ideas convincingly, HRF’s Fellows will be better equipped to draw attention to human rights issues and effect change worldwide.

We are excited about the potential of this partnership and look forward to the impact our Fellows will undoubtedly make. Together with Ignite Talks, we are ready to help our Fellows shine a light on human rights issues and inspire global change.

Register for the 2024 OFF now to witness this year’s Freedom Fellowship Ignite Talks.