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The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) is excited to announce the launch of NK Insider, the first English-language news platform featuring information, analyses, and op-eds about North Korea written by North Korean defectors.


Issues related to North Korea are among the most complex today. NK Insider aims to gather, analyze, and provide insight into North Korean news. Weekly articles will cover the country’s human rights violations, society, politics, economy, culture, diplomacy, military, science, and technology. This platform is for everyone — experts, students, scholars, policymakers, humanitarian workers, human rights activists, and the average individual interested in learning more.

HRF is proud to collaborate with North Korean defectors of diverse backgrounds and with exclusive internal networks. Although there are more than 34,000 defectors in South Korea, NK Insider is the first English news platform on which they can share their perspectives. By bolstering the voices of individuals who have not only survived the North Korean regime but also kept close contact with those inside the country, HRF aims to add a unique perspective to the global discourse. 

HRF launched this initiative to complement and strengthen its multi-award-winning Flash Drives for Freedom (FDFF) program. FDFF exposes North Koreans to information about the outside world to counter the dictatorship’s propaganda. Using creative methods and channels, HRF partners send content-loaded flash drives, hard drives, and SD cards to North Korea’s towns and cities. As of January 2024, more than 134,716 USB sticks and flash drives loaded with outside information have been sent into North Korea through the FDFF program. Based on HRF’s field research, each drive gets shared 10 times, indicating that these efforts may have reached more than 1.3 million North Koreans already.

By sending essential information into and out of the country, HRF aims to combat and expose Kim Jong-un’s oppressive dictatorship. Visit NKInsider.org to learn more.