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The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) is profoundly disturbed and in mourning for the ongoing and large loss of life of innocent civilians, beginning with the horrific terrorist attack on innocent civilians by Hamas on Oct. 7 in Israeli territory, and extending to the alarming number of innocent civilians killed in the Gaza Strip resulting from Israeli military actions targeting Hamas in response to the terrorist attack.

Our hearts go out to the members of our community who have been affected by this conflict.

In order to avoid further civilian harm, HRF urges the Israeli government to strictly adhere to the rules of international humanitarian law, and exercise the utmost caution and precision in its military campaign against Hamas, including to attain the release of the more than two hundred hostages kidnapped by Hamas. This challenge is compounded by Hamas’ documented use of civilian buildings and infrastructure as shields for its tunnels and terrorist operations. HRF emphasizes that innocent civilians in Gaza should not be held responsible for the barbaric crimes perpetrated by Hamas, and therefore the Israeli government bears a critical responsibility to protect civilian lives while pursuing legitimate Hamas targets.