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With 2021 soon coming to a close, the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) is looking back on the remarkable media coverage of HRF and our unwavering fight for freedom and human rights.

In the last 12 months, the Human Rights Foundation has received over 27 billion global impressions and 11,400 mentions by media outlets. Among the many articles featuring HRF, Politico and National Review published in-depth profiles of the 2021 Oslo Freedom Forum held in Miami; Newsweek and the Associated Press covered HRF’s public criticism of American rap artist, Akon, over his “romance” with Uganda’s dictator; and USA Today highlighted our “Empty Box” campaign, which called on the International Olympic Committee to restrict the participation of authoritarian regimes in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

In our 2021 Media Highlights booklet, you’ll find more noteworthy articles written about or authored by HRF that have inspired change and enlightened the international community. Authoritarian regimes repress, censor, and silence dissent every day, which is why HRF continues to call out tyrants and corporations through informative op-eds and press-worthy campaigns.