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Dear HRF Community,

The Human Rights Foundation has a simple goal: expose authoritarianism and defend democracy worldwide. Our 2022 Annual Report, which I’m thrilled to share with you, demonstrates how we continue to work toward achieving that mission. 

HRF successfully advocated for the release of prisoners of conscience and put a spotlight on human rights abuses through innovative campaigns and op-eds published in the world’s top media outlets. We collaborated with industry leaders in policy, fashion, art, business, and tech and provided humanitarian aid to places like Ukraine and Afghanistan. 

In May, we returned to Norway to host our flagship event, the Oslo Freedom Forum (OFF), uniting more than 1,000 participants to discuss the year’s most pressing human rights issues. The event’s theme, “Champion of Change,” paid tribute to the extraordinary individuals who risk their lives to promote freedom and reminded everyone that democracy begins with an individual choice.

While we’ve had another successful year combating evil, our work — unfortunately — still isn’t done. With your support, HRF continues to hold dictators accountable while supporting civil society leaders advocating for freedom and building a more peaceful, prosperous, and democratic world.

With immense gratitude,

Thor Halvorssen                   Céline Assaf-Boustani 

HRF CEO                                President