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College Freedom Forum



The College Freedom Forum (CFF) brings critical conversations about human rights and the dangers of authoritarianism to universities around the world.

CFF is a series of events on university campuses designed to connect students with world-renowned activists working to promote democracy and human rights in authoritarian regimes. At the College Freedom Forum, students gain exposure to some of today’s most pressing human rights issues, resources to enhance their academic endeavors, and connections for professional growth. We aim to engage the next generation of scholars, policymakers, journalists, business leaders, and educators, fostering an interdisciplinary understanding of global challenges and potential solutions.

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It’s amazing to be in the midst of academia and young people because these people are the ones changing the world.

Toufah JallowGambian women's rights activist

I was familiar with some of the situations discussed at this College Freedom Forum, but there were some that I didn't have much knowledge on. After this event, I have become more motivated to continue my involvement in advocacy for change, whether that is through raising awareness, spreading the word, or taking part in more events and discussions such as this one.

Harvard University student

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If you would like to learn more or host a College Freedom Forum at your university, please email us at [email protected].