Aug 6, 2020

HRF is delighted to announce the next recipients of HRF’s Bitcoin Development Fund: Openoms, Evan Kaloudis, and Fontaine.

Launched in June 2020 to support open source software, the Bitcoin Development Fund focuses on improving the privacy, usability, and resilience of the Bitcoin Network. The fund’s first gift was made in June to Chris Belcher for his work on CoinSwap to help defeat chain analysis and financial surveillance.

To build on that initial gift, HRF will donate 1 BTC each to three developers:

Openoms (@openoms) is the creator of JoinInbox, a graphical user interface for JoinMarket, a decentralized CoinJoin implementation. With JoinInbox, individuals can use a Raspberry Pi microcomputer to send and receive Bitcoin through JoinMarket, dramatically improving their privacy. In particular, this project makes it easier for users to “make” CoinJoin markets by offering their BTC to others, expanding the liquidity pool.

Evan Kaloudis (@evankaloudis) is the creator of Zeus, an iOS and Android app that lets individuals use their Lightning node from their phone, allowing them to make or receive sovereign micropayments from anywhere. Zeus uses a VPN or Tor (The Onion Router) to connect with your node, making your interactions as private as possible.

Fontaine (@Fonta1n3) is the creator of Fully Noded, an open source iOS app that allows individuals to interact with and use their Bitcoin Node from their mobile phone. With HRF’s support, Fontaine will also be working on a Tor-based web app counterpart to the mobile app which will make this toolset accessible to a wider audience.

Together, these three gifts will improve the usability of the Bitcoin software, the Lightning Network, and JoinMarket, allowing people to more easily transact privately and sovereignly around the world.

HRF will continue to raise support for the Bitcoin Development Fund with the goal of announcing new gifts every few months. Gifts can be made at, while proposals for support can be submitted to [email protected].