Art in Protest at the 2022 Oslo Freedom Forum

Supporting Dissident Artists

HRF highlights artists living under authoritarian regimes or in exile, whose art is connected to their struggle for democracy and basic human rights in their countries.


Art in Protest

The Art in Protest program is HRF’s answer to the repression of creativity that authoritarian regimes impose. By promoting artists who embody the spirit of creativity and dissent, Art in Protest opens a dialogue about human rights and free expression, and aims to bring to a diverse audience the work of artists who struggle to express themselves in the face of oppressive governments. By providing a medium to display their art, Art in Protest creates a dialogue about the state of artistic expression on a global scale and sheds light on the brave creatives who are willing to risk their lives in the pursuit of self-expression.

Since its formation, Art In Protest has hosted events for diverse audiences in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Oslo, showcasing artists from North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Afghanistan, and China, connecting the art world and human rights activists. 

In 2021, HRF launched the Art in Protest Artist Residency in collaboration with Gray Area Foundation for the Arts. The residency is an opportunity for artists whose art is dedicated to promoting democracy and human rights globally, to explore and expand their digital practices. Throughout the residency, artists-in-residence develop projects that use art and technology to create social and civic impact.

Donate to HRF’s Art in Protest program to support dissident artists who use their art to make a lasting impact in the global struggle against authoritarianism. 

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Art in Protest Impact







Gao Brothers

Zehra Dogan

Song Byeok

Lilia Kvatsabaya

Rodrigo Figueredo

Shamsia Hassani

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