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Combating Kleptocracy shines a light on how corrupt actors around the world use their illicit finances to undermine democracy and strengthen authoritarianism.

If there’s one link between every modern dictatorship, it’s corruption. Every authoritarian government relies on illicit finance and trans-national money laundering to hide its wealth and target its enemies. And all too often, the tools these regimes use are found in democracies, which have welcomed their dirty money.

Launched in 2023, this program reveals how these networks operate and who has benefited the most. Combating Kleptocracy dives into the links between illicit finance and kleptocrats from shell companies to dictatorial donations, from private enterprise to suspect finance and explores how to disrupt these networks.

Our Strategy

Original Investigations

We investigate and report on kleptocracy worldwide, exposing how authoritarian regimes use illicit finance to manipulate audiences and markets.

New Platforms

Stay tuned for new content, including a podcast, newsletter, and events!

Sanctions Advocacy

We work with activists and journalists to compile case files on perpetrators involved in corruption or human rights abuses.

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