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Dissidents and Dictators



Dissidents & Dictators is a podcast series that serves as a storytelling platform for some of the world’s bravest activists, artists, policymakers, business leaders, and technologists.

Weekly episodes raise awareness of pressing human rights issues and shed light on the important work being done to address them. Episodes are recorded at HRF’s Oslo Freedom Forum conference series, on X Spaces, and more.

Through programs like Dissidents & Dictators, HRF remains committed to bringing human rights into the mainstream of global public discussion and reaching and educating new audiences on platforms, big and small. Episodes are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

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Taiwan: Where Freedom & Creativity Meet

Jan. 27, 2023

Humanitarian Aid in Ukraine

Feb. 24, 2023

Dictatorships in the Digital Space

April 7, 2023

Countering China’s Transnational Repression

April 28, 2023

Defying Authoritarianism with the Resilient Power of Democracy

July 14, 2023

Qatar’s Whistleblowing Migrant Worker

Aug. 11, 2023

Lukashenko’s Role Aiding Putin’s War in Ukraine

Sept. 1, 2023

The Islamic Republic vs. Iran

Sept. 15, 2023

The Hidden Island: Unmasking the Cuban Dictatorship

Sept. 8, 2023

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