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The Oslo Scholars program offers university students the opportunity to spend a summer interning with some of the world’s leading human rights defenders and activists.

Candidates are paired with current or past Oslo Freedom Forum speakers — based on their regional knowledge, language abilities, and thematic interests — and travel to work with them in the field or in another research capacity for a summer internship. 

Past Oslo Scholars have spent their summers:
– Building schools and educating women in Pakistan
– Learning about mental health in Kashmir
– Conducting research at the University of Toronto on the impact of hate on the mind
– Planning social media campaigns to foster open dialogue about the Eritrean-Ethiopian peace deal

Scholars have come from Harvard University, Tufts University, McGill University, and Wellesley College.

Our Impact

This program will change your life. Not only through the ideas you engage, but through the undeniably inspiring people you’ll meet.

Margaret Lynn SapiaWellesley College

My time with the Albert Einstein Institution (AEI) has been one of intellectual and professional growth, inspiring me to delve into academic texts on change movements and conduct my own research.

Alessandra MorenoTufts University

I’m loving my internship with IranWire. Three articles I wrote have been published so far, and I’m working on a fourth. I am so thankful to the Oslo Scholars Program for matching me with this incredible opportunity.

Michaela AbramsWellesley College

Our Strategy

Oslo Scholars offers extraordinary students the chance to learn more about human rights, conduct research, and network with HRF’s community.

Our Partners

Oslo Scholars Mentors

Abdalaziz Alhamza

Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently

Tutu Alicante

EG Justice

Suleiman Bakhit

Hero-Factor Project


Justine Hardy

One Million Bones

Asma Khalifa

Khalifa Ihler Institute

Rafael Marques de Morais

Ufolo Studies Center for Good Governance

Alaa Murabit

The Voice of Libyan Women

Srdja Popović

Center for Applied Nonviolent Actions and Strategies

Jamila Raqib

Albert Einstein Institution

Juan Andrés Ravell

El Chigüire Bipolar

Mu Sochua

Courage Fund Cambodia

Vanessa Tsehaye

One Day Seyoum

Yang Jianli

Citizen Power Initiatives for China

Get Involved

To inquire about starting a new university chapter, e-mail [email protected].