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Wear Your Values



Wear Your Values raises awareness of the fashion industry’s complicity in human rights abuses worldwide.

The fashion industry is one of the world’s largest economies and employs millions of people globally. Authoritarian countries often house the most labor-intensive stages of production, leaving workers extremely susceptible to human rights violations without any path of recourse.

Since 2017, HRF’s Wear Your Values (WYV) program has encouraged dialogue about human rights in the fashion industry. Through innovative public awareness campaigns and educational exhibitions, WYV aims to promote transparency in global supply chains and bring awareness to the hidden social costs of the industry.

HRF also highlights brands and designers who are ethically using local materials and labor, as well as those who are advocating for human rights through their work. HRF wants to call for positive investments and show consumers where they can shop with a clear conscience.


Our Work

Uyghur Forced Labor Checker

HRF’s award-winning Google Chrome plug-in extension helps shoppers keep Uyghur forced labor out of their shopping carts.

Uncomfortable Truth

Uncomfortable Truth is an award-winning guerilla poster campaign initiative.

Discounted Lives

Discounted Lives is an installation that raises awareness about Uyghur forced labor.

Fashion Show at Oslo Freedom Forum 2023

HRF partnered with award-winning fashion designer, Louise Xin, to host a fashion show at OFF 2023.

Our Strategy

Creative Campaigns

We execute campaigns highlighting the fashion industry’s complicity in human rights abuses worldwide.

Targeted Advocacy

We engage with consumers and brands to promote human rights and transparency in the fashion industry.

Public Education

We raise awareness and encourage dialogue at events such as Fashion Week worldwide and the Oslo Freedom Forum.


News & Media

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Take Action


Educate others by sharing our program and raise awareness through conversations.


Keep Uyghur forced labor out of your online shopping carts.
Download HRF’s Uyghur Forced Labor Checker Google Chrome extension plug-in.


If you are in the fashion industry and would like to collaborate with HRF, please email [email protected]