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Help HRF raise funds to launch our 2020 Hong Kong Desk, a project that will raise China and Hong Kong’s government’s suppression of liberties to a supranational level by filing petitions and urgent appeals to UN Human Rights Council Special Procedures, produce research, reports, and advocacy to maintain international attention on the subject, and help hold perpetrators of human rights abuses in Hong Kong accountable.


Why does HRF care?

HRF believes that Hong Kong is in a unique and important position to fight against the authoritarian Chinese Communist Party. We also believe that international advocacy is an important aspect of grassroots activism, and would like to lend our expertise in this area to Hong Kong’s pro-democracy cause. 


Why are we fundraising?

While HRF has had a strong focus on Hong Kong since the Umbrella Movement, we would like to hire staff dedicated to researching Hong Kong issues and expanding our work on human rights topics in Hong Kong. With more resources, HRF’s Asia division, headed by a native Hongkonger, will be able to invest more time and effort exclusively on Hong Kong.


What has HRF done for Hong Kong?

HRF produces the Oslo Freedom Forum (OFF), a human rights conference dubbed by The Economist as the Davos for human rights, has featured speakers and participants from Hong Kong such as Denise Ho, Johnson Yeung, Badiucao, and Natalie Hui. OFF gives the platform to activist voices and help them connect with global policymakers, international media, and fellow changemakers. 

We have established working relationships with Hong Kong activists on-the-ground and around the world to support our international legal advocacy, which includes filing petitions and urgent appeals before the UN Human Rights Council. We have advocated on behalf of the Umbrella Nine, as well as highlighted police brutality in submissions. 

On social media and in online media, we are helping keep Hongkonger’s fight for democracy in the spotlight. Our social media posts about Hong Kong have garnered millions of impressions, and we have written about Beijing’s influence in foreign companies, online censorship, and other topics related to the protests.


What else do we plan to do?

We plan to expand our UN advocacy, social media, and media advocacy, as well as continue featuring Hong Kong activists at the Oslo Freedom Forum. We also plan to publish a series of op-eds and/or articles investigating the Chinese Communist Party’s influence in Hong Kong, and a number of white papers or reports related to the pro-democracy cause. Lastly, we will campaign for sanctions against human rights abusers in Hong Kong.


What will the funds be used for?

Most of the funding will be used to hire a fellow to support projects under the Hong Kong Desk program. Other funds will go towards expensing activist travel to our conferences and events, as well as support administrative costs.


How can I track HRF’s work?

Check this page for regular updates, and follow us on Twitter @HRF and @HRF_cn (Chinese language), on Facebook and on Instagram.


I would like to discuss a collaboration with the HRF Hong Kong Desk. How can I contact HRF?

Email us at [email protected], or message us on social media!


We can’t do it without you. 

Your support is critical to sustain and expand HRF’s advocacy for democracy in Hong Kong.

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March 11, 2020 – We have surpassed $45,000 raised from more than 250 donors!