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Help HRF raise funds to launch our 2020 Hong Kong Desk, a project that will raise China and Hong Kong’s government’s suppression of liberties to a supranational level by filing petitions and urgent appeals to UN Human Rights’ Council Special Procedures, produce research, reports and advocacy to maintain international attention on the subject, and help hold perpetrators of human rights abuses in Hong Kong accountable.


HRF has carried a strong focus on Hong Kong since the beginning of the Umbrella Movement, recognizing the Hong Kong people’s fight for democratic values.


Our work in this area has included:

– Featuring speakers and participants such as Denise Ho, Johnson Yeung, Badiucao, and Natalie Hui at the Oslo Freedom Forum.

– Establishing a working relationship with Hong Kong activists on-the-ground and around the world.

– Hiring a Hong Kong native to expand and manage legal advocacy in Hong Kong, mainland China, and Asia in a targeted fashion

– Engaging in legal advocacy on behalf of Hong Kong political prisoners and persecuted dissidents

– Publishing articles about Hong Kong on HRF’s Medium account

– Filing petitions and urgent appeals before the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention on behalf of imprisoned Hong Kong activists

– Filing an analysis on police brutality to the UN Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association

– Launching publicity campaigns to support the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong





Our goal

The Hong Kong Desk’s programs will include an ongoing and high-profile series of op-eds and/or articles investigating the Chinese Communist Party’s influence in Hong Kong; increased international impact litigation with the UN Human Rights Council; publicity campaigns to raise and maintain awareness of human rights violations in Hong Kong; and other advocacy to hold perpetrators of human rights abuses in Hong Kong accountable.


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