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Jhanisse Vaca-Daza

Senior Program Officer and Freedom Fellowship Director

Jhanisse Vaca Daza is an activism outreach specialist and manager of the Freedom Fellowship program at the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). She co-founded the Bolivian nonviolent citizen movement Ríos de Pie (Spanish for Standing Rivers). Vaca Daza received her bachelor’s degree from Kent State University, where she studied international relations and graduated with honors. She subsequently completed the Nonviolent Movement Leadership for Social Progress program at Harvard Kennedy School. Vaca Daza received the 2018 Distinguished Honors Alumna Award from Kent State University for fostering democracy and teaching nonviolent action as a way of protest in Bolivia. Her previous work includes paralegal experience in immigration defense and independent consultant teaching with Nonviolence for IDEA International. Jhanisse interned for the legal department of HRF since 2015 and assisted in several cases about authoritarianism in Latin America.