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Venla Stang

Senior Legal Associate

Venla Stang is an attorney admitted to practice in the state of New York and Finland. Under the Human Rights Foundation (HRF)’s Impact Litigation Program, Venla provides legal representation to prisoners of conscience before the United Nations human rights mechanisms. Before joining HRF, Venla worked as a District Prosecutor and Junior District Judge in Finland. As a prosecutor, she focused on transnational crimes, international judicial cooperation, and sexual violence. She has also worked as a senior specialist at the Ministry of Justice of Finland in the field of international legal assistance in criminal matters. At Eurojust in the Netherlands, she coordinated the investigation and prosecution of the most serious transnational crimes within the European Union. Venla holds a Master of Law from the University of Turku, Finland, and a Master of Law in international law and justice from Fordham University, NYC, where she graduated magna cum laude.