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Yesterday, our community of activists, philanthropists, technologists, artists, journalists, and policymakers reunited at The Town Hall for the fifth Oslo Freedom Forum in New York (OFF in NY).

An incredible lineup of keynote speakers took the OFF stage, including Iranian actress Nazanin Boniadi, former Venezuelan political prisoner Víctor Navarro, Egyptian filmmaker and political activist Sanaa Seif, and many other courageous human rights advocates.

All theater talks will soon be available on oslofreedomforum.com and the OFF YouTube channel.

Whether you joined us in person or online, we encourage you to celebrate and support activists beyond OFF. This year’s theme, Celebrating Solidarity, represents a call to action for our community, inviting you to unite with the brave dissidents and human rights defenders challenging authoritarianism worldwide.

Join Us Next Year in Oslo

We hope you can join us in Oslo, Norway for our 2024 flagship conference. From June 3-5, 2024, we will return to the Oslo Konserthus for three days of theater talks, live music performances, informative workshops and panel discussions, and networking sessions.

The 2024 Oslo Freedom Forum will be an inspiring and transformative experience. Register today to experience it yourself and join our global community of changemakers.

Register for OFF 2024

Join Us In Taiwan

Join us at the next Oslo Freedom Forum event on Wednesday, Oct. 18, in Taipei, Taiwan.

OFF in Taiwan is a master class in the global struggle for freedom, spotlighting Taiwan as a beacon for democracy. We stand in solidarity with Taiwan amid the rising threat of the Chinese Communist Party, and we look forward to bringing our community back to Taipei to share the stories of renowned human rights advocates.