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The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) is pleased to announce that our Wear Your Values (WYV) program video has been nominated for an Anthem Award in the Human & Civil Rights, Awareness & Media Category.

The Anthem Awards, a brainchild of the prestigious Webby Awards, is the “largest and most comprehensive social impact awards,” honoring individuals and organizations doing purpose and mission-driven work.

Produced by Cultivator Content Labs, our WYV video highlights the fashion industry’s complicity in human rights abuses worldwide, focusing on Uyghur forced labor. It features award-winning Swedish designer Louise Xin’s fashion show at the 2023 Oslo Freedom Forum, Uyghur advocate Jewher Ilham, and HRF’s Discounted Lives installation and fashion week projection campaign.

With the recognition and acclaim of an Anthem Award, HRF will have a greater platform to demand transparency in global supply chains, hold the fashion industry accountable, and bring awareness to the hidden social costs of the industry.

Cast your vote before Dec. 21 to support HRF in its efforts to engage and unite a global audience in the struggle against tyranny.