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Boycott Aramco

Aramco is linked to human rights violations.

Saudi Aramco — known in the United States simply as Aramco — is an oil company owned and run by the authoritarian regime of Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most brutal dictatorships in the world, where any form of political dissent is met with harsh repression. Women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and religious minorities routinely face state abuse, persecution, and violence.

Saudi Aramco is nothing more than an extension of Saudi’s repressive regime.

MBS has spent billions of dollars acquiring stakes in athletic teams, sponsoring competitions, and hosting high-level sporting events in Saudi Arabia — all in an attempt to raise the country’s profile, gain prestige, and hope the world ignores the repressive nature of his regime.

MBS is now attempting to buy the goodwill of Houstonians by sponsoring the Houston Half Marathon. Don’t let the Saudi regime use the city to whitewash its crimes. Don’t become a pawn in the regime’s human rights abuses.

Learn more about Saudi Arabia’s appalling human rights record:

Subjugation of Women

Through its male guardianship system, the Saudi regime has one of the most oppressive and gender-discriminatory laws in the world.

Persecution of LGBTQ+ Community

Same-sex relationships are forbidden by law, and the regime imposes the death penalty for this “crime.”

Threats to Free Expression

Freedom of expression in Saudi Arabia is limited, and punishment is severe. For a simple tweet, one can face more than 30 years in prison, plus a 30-year travel ban.

Transnational Repression

The Saudi regime is renowned for its transnational repression of dissidents, such as the Washington Post Journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Take action!

If you are running in the marathon, block out the Aramco logo from your bib.

Sign our petition. Don’t let a dictator taint a Houston tradition.

Raise awareness by using the hashtag #BoycottAramco on your social media accounts.