Apply to attend and learn more about OFF 2021 here.

There is no event in the world that compares to the Oslo Freedom Forum’s unique mix of dissidents, philanthropists, journalists, artists, entrepreneurs, public intellectuals, and world leaders, all of whom come together each year for an immersive experience focused on making the world more peaceful, prosperous, and free.

Our 2021 theme, TRUTH IGNITED, celebrates the stories that spark action across the world, in service of the truth. However, we know that as long as one person is willing to speak out, there is hope that the truth will prevail. This year, we are amplifying the voices of those who speak truth to power and ignite movements that seek justice and defy authoritarian regimes.

The 2021 event will feature inspiring talks by activists, scholars, experts, and policymakers, among others, from around the world, including Belarus, Burma, Cuba, Eritrea, Iraq, the Uyghur Region, and Venezuela.

Taking place in Miami’s magnificent New World Center, the event will include:

  • Compelling art installations and live musical performances;
  • A full day of action-oriented panels, firesides, and workshops with thought leaders; and
  • Special programming on the struggle for human rights and democracy in Latin America.

If you’re in Norway, we invite you to participate in our local event taking place on the same dates! We will be sending more information about it in the coming weeks.