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I’m Ayelen Osorio, and I recently joined the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) as a Financial Freedom specialist. With HRF, I look forward to exploring the various ways people living under authoritarian regimes are reclaiming their financial freedom with new technology. That’s why I’m excited to announce the launch of our newsletter, the Financial Freedom Report.

The Financial Freedom Report will arrive in your inbox each Thursday morning and will focus on the role money and banking play in the civil liberties and human rights struggles of those living under authoritarian regimes; highlight how new monetary inventions like Bitcoin can help secure more personal freedom for people even in the darkest dictatorship; showcase real use cases from around the world; and feature new tools and applications that can protect our financial freedom.

When you subscribe, you will receive:

– Interviews featuring activists, journalists, civil society groups, and human rights defenders pursuing financial freedom. We’ll explore the key issues they face, how they solve them, and the technologies they use to safeguard their ability to continue to transact and fundraise as they wish without government control and censorship.

-Key news from the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry that relates to personal freedoms.

-Explainers and how-tos to help you secure your financial freedom.

-News roundups on the progress and threats made to people’s financial abilities in authoritarian regimes. From surveillance to lack of privacy and freedom to transact, we’ll reveal various ways authoritarian governments are expanding their power.

– Updates on HRF’s Financial Freedom program, including events, conferences, reports, interviews, the Bitcoin Development Fund, and more.

This may well be the first newsletter to explore the intersection between human rights and financial freedom. You can be at the forefront, so make sure to subscribe. I hope you will join me in this new venture. Otherwise, I hope to see you at one of our upcoming events and conferences.

Speak soon,

Ayelen Osorio

Financial Freedom Specialist

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