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Quick fact: As of the 3rd of May, the United Nations reports a total of 5,657,185 refugees fleeing Ukraine of which 3,094,446 have gone to Poland. The Ministry of Education and Science in Poland stated that there are about 700-800 thousand Ukrainian school-age children in Poland.

The goal is to help fund the Joanna Radziwiłł Foundation to house 100 Ukrainian children for the next year. This means helping them find their footing by buying them clothes, offering meals, providing access to doctors and therapists, and organizing language workshops to aid in integration Poland, etc. To help one child costs $4,500 USD/year which puts the funding goal at $450,000.00 USD for 100 children. The Joanna Radziwiłł Foundation also would like to purchase a new home near Warsaw to expand capacity which will cost $150,000.00 USD. The total fundraising goal is therefore $600,000.

100% of these donations will be transferred directly to the Joanna Radziwiłł Foundation.

Currently the Joanna Radziwiłł Foundation is receiving over 100 Ukrainian children at her doorstep. She does not have the funds to sustain this influx of refugees and requires our help. Facilities for these refugees is currently limited to daily Polish lessons, information & legal aid once a week, and a ‘cafe’ & play time 3 times a week. The foundation currently does not have the means to provide their full range of services and supports.

Joanna Radziwiłł founded the Joanna Radziwiłł Foundation 30 years ago in Warsaw, Poland. The foundation’s mission is to help homeless, abused, or traumatized children, and currently consists of three homes for a total of 64 children aged 7-20. The homes provide a safe environment for the kids to eat, learn, play, and get the support they need through music, sports, education, story telling, chess, therapeutic workshops, and other programming. These homes are open between 1:00pm and 7:00pm daily where they can join for lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and are under the care of certified teachers. Children spend an average of 5-7 years in the Foundation.

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