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Last month, the Human Rights Foundation welcomed over 1,300 human rights advocates from around the world to Oslo, Norway, for the 15th annual Oslo Freedom Forum (OFF).

Activists, innovators, and creatives took the OFF stage to share their stories and raise the profile of their causes. Attendees witnessed how seemingly ordinary citizens can challenge the world’s deadliest tyrants, willing to speak out against them and even risk arrest, torture, or death.

Panel discussions, fireside chats, and workshops challenged participants to think more critically about the issues presented during theater talks and create practical, innovative solutions to advance freedom worldwide. In turn, OFF has given life to unique partnerships, collaborations, impact, and support for at-risk advocates.

We invite you to read the 2023 OFF Recap Report to explore this year’s theater and interactive programming, global media coverage, and incredible stories of impact.

OFF in the News

Whether you joined us in person or online, we encourage you to celebrate and support activists beyond OFF. This year’s theme, Celebrating Solidarity, represented a call to action for our community, inviting you to unite with the brave dissidents and human rights defenders challenging authoritarianism worldwide.

You can watch all theater talks on the OFF YouTube channel. Each week, sessions will be released on the Dissidents & Dictators podcast series, which you can find on all major streaming platforms.

We hope you can join us in Oslo for the next Oslo Freedom Forum. Register with the code 2024OFF before December 31, 2023, for a 25% discount.