HRF Joins Coalition Calling For the Release of Abdulrahman Al-Sadhan

May 5, 2021
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HRF Joins Coalition Calling For the Release of Abdulrahman Al-Sadhan
Apr 30, 2021
The Real Reformers of Saudi Arabia
Apr 19, 2021
Join HRF’s Event at Harvard: “Genocide in the 21st Century: The Uyghur Crisis”
Apr 15, 2021
Chinese Communist Party: Stop Coercing Family of Uyghur Journalist Gulchehra Hoja
Apr 13, 2021
HRF & Vanguard Africa to Akon: Invest in Ugandans, Not Museveni’s Dictatorship
Apr 6, 2021
HRF Raises $500,000 to Support Democracy in Belarus
Mar 25, 2021
Is The End Near For Viktor Orbán?
Mar 18, 2021
Tanzania’s President John Magufuli Has Died, Leaves Legacy of Repression
Mar 16, 2021
HRF Is Heading To South by Southwest Today
Mar 15, 2021
HRF and CPJ Host Event on Press Freedom and Spyware
Mar 10, 2021
HRF to Pentathlon Championships: Don’t Run With el-Sisi’s Brutal Regime
Mar 9, 2021
Maduro’s Responsibility for Venezuelan Crisis Needs to Be Unequivocally Acknowledged, Not Whitewashed, by UN Special Rapporteur
Mar 2, 2021
New HRF gifts to support Bitcoin development, open source wallets, privacy education, and internships
Feb 26, 2021
HRF Commends Release of Jamal Khashoggi Murder Report; MBS Must Be Held Accountable
Feb 23, 2021
HRF Mourns the Passing of Norwegian Human Rights Advocate Ivar Amundsen
HRF Featured On The GREAT Podcast
Feb 22, 2021
Dictatorship Sows Division in Nagorno-Karabakh
Presenting HRF’s 2020 Annual Report
Feb 19, 2021
Report: The Impact of Foreign Investment on Human Rights in Laos
Feb 18, 2021
Protest Runway: The Use of Color & Fashion in Global Pro-Democracy Movements
Feb 9, 2021
HRF to MTV Africa: Don’t Partner with Uganda’s Murderous Regime
Feb 3, 2021
HRF to Biden Administration: Focus on Worst Human Rights Offenders
After Navalny’s Conviction, It’s Time for the Biden Administration to Act
Feb 1, 2021
Military Coup Returns Burma to Full Dictatorship
Jan 31, 2021
The Last Internet Shutdowns
Jan 29, 2021
What’s Happening in Xinjiang? Q&A With Uyghur Activist Jewher Ilham
Jan 21, 2021
HRF Welcomes Biden Administration’s Commitment to Releasing Khashoggi Report
Jan 15, 2021
HRF to International Ice Hockey Federation Council: Don’t Legitimize Dictatorship in Belarus
Jan 14, 2021
Is Saudi Arabia’s Kafala System Truly Reformed?
Jan 13, 2021
In Pursuit of Freedom: A Year of Global Protest Art
Jan 11, 2021
HRF Announces New Recipients of Gemini-Backed Bitcoin Development Fund
Jan 8, 2021
HRF Film THE DISSIDENT Available Now on VOD
Jan 6, 2021
Hong Kong Arrests Dozens of Pro-Democracy Figures in a Mass Raid
Jan 4, 2021
Challenges & Triumphs of 2020: Women-Led Protest Movements Advance
Dec 31, 2020
Challenges & Triumphs of 2020: Challenging Tyranny Through Creativity
Challenges & Triumphs of 2020: Whitewashing Enables Dictators, Fans Fight Back
Dec 29, 2020
Challenges & Triumphs of 2020: Technology Emerges As A Tool for Tyrants (and Dissidents)
Dec 28, 2020
Challenges & Triumphs of 2020: Authoritarians Weaponize COVID-19
Dec 23, 2020
What’s Happening in Hong Kong? Q&A With HK Activist Johnson Yeung
Dec 17, 2020
ICC Releases New Report Regarding Maduro Regime’s Crimes Against Humanity
HRF to UN: Investigate the Arbitrary Detention of Lao Activist Houayheung Xayabouly
Dec 14, 2020
South Korean Government Criminalizes North Korean Human Rights Activism
Dec 9, 2020
HRF Film “The Dissident” Is Coming To A Screen Near You
Dec 8, 2020
Data Collection & Censorship in the Coronavirus Outbreak
Dec 3, 2020
Cuba: Stop Criminalizing Freedom of Speech and Artistic Expression
Crackdown on Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Activists Accelerates with New Charges and Sentencing
New HRF Report: The State of Activism in the Arab World
Dec 1, 2020
HRF announces two Bitcoin Development Fund updates: new gift to Gloria Zhao and partnership with Gemini
State-Sponsored Hacking: Russia, Saudi Arabia, and North Korea
Nov 25, 2020
Hong Kong: HRF Sends UN Urgent Appeal to Condemn National Security Law
Nov 23, 2020
In memory of Raed Fares, 1972-2018
Nov 12, 2020
HRF Submits Joint Petition to UN on Maduro’s Persecution of Judge Afiuni
Nov 2, 2020
Key Takeaways from HRF’s Event Series on China, AI, and Human Rights
HRF Urges Participants to Withdraw from Saudi-Sponsored Summit
Oct 28, 2020
Protecting and Advancing LGBTQI Rights Globally
Oct 27, 2020
HRF to Ladies European Tour: Cancel Tournament in Saudi Arabia
Oct 20, 2020
The Telegram Revolution in Belarus
Thailand: HRF Condemns State Violence Against Peaceful Protesters
Oct 16, 2020
Malawi: Against Background of Global Declines, Democracy Scores A Win
Oct 14, 2020
Looking Back at the 2020 Oslo Freedom Forum
Oct 12, 2020
HRF Program Wins W3 Design Award
Oppose Russia’s Election to the UN Human Rights Council
Oct 8, 2020
HRF Welcomes Sudan’s Release of Artists Jailed for Mixed-Gender Theater Workshop
HRF Opposes Election of Authoritarian Regimes to UN’s Top Human Rights Body
Sep 17, 2020
2020 Havel Prize Laureates from China, Saudi Arabia, and Rwanda Announced
Sep 15, 2020
Authoritarianism Rising on International Day of Democracy
Sep 11, 2020
HRF to Disney: Speak Out About Chinese Oppression and Donate Mulan Profits
Sep 4, 2020
HRF and Stanford University’s Hoover Institution Launch Event Series
Sep 2, 2020
HRF Film THE DISSIDENT Set For Theatrical and VOD Release
Aug 27, 2020
Tanzania Must Free Theodory Giyan
Aug 21, 2020
Cuba Must Free Prisoner of Conscience Keilylli de la Mora
Aug 20, 2020
HRF Launches Belarus Solidarity Fund
HRF Condemns Poisoning of Russian Opposition’s Alexei Navalny
Aug 19, 2020
HRF Sends Letters to Belarusian Security Officers Accused of Crimes Against Humanity
It’s Time to Wear Our Values
Aug 18, 2020
HRF Urges Canada, U.K., to Join Global Magnitsky Sanctions Against Chinese Officials Responsible for Violating the Rights of Uyghurs
Aug 17, 2020
Announcing the 2020 Oslo Freedom Forum
Aug 14, 2020
Documentary: Lifelines
Aug 13, 2020
Belarus: Rigged Elections Spark Mass Protests and Crackdown on Protesters
Aug 10, 2020
Vietnam’s COVID Success Belies Escalating Crackdown on Rights
Aug 7, 2020
Hip Hop Artist Tyga Cancels Dictator-Sponsored Concert
Aug 6, 2020
HRF Urges Hip Hop Artist Tyga to Cancel Dictator-Sponsored Concert in Belarus
Second Round of Bitcoin DevFund Grants Announced
Aug 5, 2020
The State of Protest: Russia, Egypt, Bolivia, Iraq, Guinea, and Iran
Aug 4, 2020
The State of Protest: Sudan, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Nicaragua, Algeria, and Hong Kong
Jul 30, 2020
Uncovering The Links Between Authoritarianism and Human Trafficking
Jul 28, 2020
Celebrated Human Rights Activist Dies in Detention in Kyrgyzstan
Jul 17, 2020
HRF at RightsCon: Defending The Defenders
Jul 11, 2020
Op-Ed: The Dishonest and Irresponsible Wasp Network
Jul 10, 2020
Announcing HRF’s 2019 Annual Report
Jul 8, 2020
HRF Submits Urgent Appeal to the U.N. to Free Human Rights Activist Detained in Kyrgyzstan
Jul 2, 2020
HRF Wins Arbitrary Detention Case Against Tajikistan and Russia
Jul 1, 2020
Hong Kong’s National Security Law: The Nail in the Coffin for One Country, Two Systems
Jun 24, 2020
Belarus: Arrests of Opposition Leaders Spark Mass Protests
Jun 23, 2020
Introducing HRF’s new podcast: Dissidents and Dictators
Jun 16, 2020
Cuba: 60 Years of Revolution, 60 Years of Oppression
Jun 13, 2020
Op-Ed: Corporate America stands against injustices — except those ‘Made in China’
Activism In A Time of Pandemic
Jun 12, 2020
HRF Urges South Korean Government to Respect Freedom of Expression
Jun 11, 2020
Announcing HRF’s Bitcoin Development Fund
Jun 9, 2020
Report: Corporate Intimidation & Censorship in China
Jun 5, 2020
Op-Ed: In Hong Kong, Remembering Tiananmen Is Now Forbidden
Jun 3, 2020
Looking Back On The Tiananmen Massacre: June 4 Live Event
May 27, 2020
Remembering Shady Habash: A Victim of Egypt’s Horrific Prison Conditions
May 22, 2020
Op-Ed: The Other Hong Kong — Will China’s Democratic Enclave Become Just Like The Mainland?
May 21, 2020
Op-Ed: Premier League Cannot Risk Turning A Blind Eye Over Newcastle Takeover
May 20, 2020
Flash Drives For Freedom Wins Webby Award
May 19, 2020
Burundi Elections Proceed Despite Coronavirus Outbreak
May 15, 2020
Op-Ed: Pro-Democracy Legislators in Hong Kong Need International Support
SXSW Virtual Panel: Protest In The Age of Surveillance
All COVIDCon Videos Available Now
May 13, 2020
Cameroon Pressures University To Fire Anglophone-Rights Advocate and Lecturer
May 6, 2020
LGBT Community Under Increasing Pressure in Morocco
Apr 28, 2020
Flash Drives for Freedom Nominated for Webby Award
Apr 27, 2020
Repression and Persecution Under Tajikistan’s Authoritarian Regime
Apr 25, 2020
Response to Associated Press from Garry Kasparov
Apr 23, 2020
Vietnamese Activist Tran Duc Thach Arrested, Beaten, and Detained for Facebook Post
HRF to Premier League: Reject Saudi Takeover of Newcastle United
Apr 22, 2020
Release Iran’s Imprisoned Women Leaders
Apr 20, 2020
Hong Kong Government Targets Pro-Democracy Activists Amid COVID-19
Oslo Freedom Forum Speakers Ji Seong-ho and Thae Kumin Elected to South Korea’s National Assembly
Apr 8, 2020
The Pandemic is No Excuse For Authoritarian Crackdowns
Apr 6, 2020
Free Prisoners of Conscience Before It’s Too Late
Apr 3, 2020
Announcing COVIDCon: April 13-14, 2020
Mar 24, 2020
Hong Kong’s government must end arbitrary arrests
Mar 18, 2020
Russia’s latest amendments to its Constitution are anything but constitutional
Mar 16, 2020
Elections Under Authoritarian Regimes: Azerbaijan and Iran
Mar 12, 2020
Using fashion as silent protest in North Korea
Mar 6, 2020
Rule of law is under attack in Hong Kong
Feb 28, 2020
Burma: Release arbitrarily detained performers
The 2020 Oslo Freedom Forum is postponed
Feb 21, 2020
College Freedom Forum returns to Guatemala
Feb 13, 2020
Authoritarian regimes are ill-equipped for public health emergencies
Feb 10, 2020
Bringing human rights to center stage at South by Southwest
Feb 6, 2020
HRF to Ladies European Tour: Cancel Tournament in Saudi Arabia
Jan 28, 2020
HRF Mourns The Passing Of Lina Ben Mhenni
Dec 30, 2019
Street protests vs. authoritarianism: from 2019 to the decade ahead
Dec 4, 2019
Iran’s Leaders Must be Held Accountable For Killings of Hundreds of Dissidents
Nov 23, 2019
In memory of Raed Fares, 1972-2018
Nov 21, 2019
Bolivia’s Government Must Exercise Maximum Restraint in the Use of Force, and Call for Elections Immediately
Nov 12, 2019
Líder autoritario de Bolivia renuncia luego de protestas masivas motivadas por elección fraudulenta
Bolivia’s authoritarian leader resigns after widespread protests triggered by election fraud
Oct 15, 2019
HRF opposes the election of human rights abusers to the UN’s Human Rights Council
Oct 8, 2019
Iraq: Stop The Violence Against Protesters
Oct 4, 2019
North Korea: Sympathizers of the Dictatorship to Hold Concert in New York City Celebrating the ‘Dear Leader’
Oct 3, 2019
Bolivia: HRF Condemns President Morales’ Role in Forest Fires
Aug 15, 2019
HRF Mourns the Passing of Suleiman Bakhit
Jul 30, 2019
Human Trafficking Has a Hidden Cause — and It’s on the Rise Worldwide
Jul 17, 2019
Saudi Arabia Spends Millions to Add Last-Minute Performers Janet Jackson, 50 Cent, and Others to the Jeddah “World Fest”
Jul 10, 2019
HRF Urges Liam Payne to Follow Nicki Minaj: Cancel Performance in Saudi Arabia
Jul 5, 2019
HRF to Nicki Minaj: Cancel Show in Saudi Arabia
Jul 2, 2019
Announcing the 2019 Oslo Freedom Forum in Taiwan
Jun 12, 2019
The Collapse of the Rule of Law and Human Rights in Turkey
May 31, 2019
HRF Demands Release of Nonviolent Activists in Zimbabwe
May 21, 2019
HRF announces the Freedom Fellowship
Apr 25, 2019
Manal al-Sharif Responds to Invitation from Saudi Embassy
Apr 11, 2019
Manal al-Sharif’s “Freedom Drive” #IDrive4Freedom
Apr 1, 2019
HRF to Exhibit Dissident Art at 2019 Oslo Freedom Forum
Statement on Syariah Penal Code in Brunei
Mar 22, 2019
Whistleblower detained after exposing Mauritanian President’s Ponzi scheme
Mar 21, 2019
Announcing Manal al-Sharif’s Freedom Drive Campaign
Mar 14, 2019
HRF entregó primer Premio Rómulo Betancourt a la Diplomacia Democrática
Mar 5, 2019
Egyptian Photojournalist Shawkan Released After Five Years in Arbitrary Detention
Mar 1, 2019
HRF’s statement on North Korea and Otto Warmbier
Feb 27, 2019
HRF to UN Special Rapporteur: Defend the Free Speech of North Korean Defectors and Human Rights Activists in South Korea
Feb 22, 2019
Maduro Regime Must Refrain from Violence and Allow Humanitarian Aid
Feb 21, 2019
HRF anuncia entrega del primer Premio Rómulo Betancourt a la Diplomacia Democrática
Feb 13, 2019
TIME Person of the Year Maria Ressa Arrested in the Philippines
Feb 7, 2019
HRF Chairman Garry Kasparov Recognizes Juan Guaidó as the Acting President of Venezuela
Jan 30, 2019
HRF Urges World-Renowned Artists to Cancel Concert in Saudi Arabia
Jan 23, 2019
Venezuela: HRF Welcomes International Recognition of Juan Guaidó as President
Jan 19, 2019
Why Bitcoin Matters for Freedom
Jan 16, 2019
Enes Kanter: Anyone who speaks out against Erdogan is a target. That includes me.
Nov 18, 2018
Jamal Khashoggi’s Oslo Freedom Forum reflections
Oct 12, 2018
UN Elects Dictatorships to Human Rights Council Yet Again
Oct 9, 2018
Journalist Jamal Khashoggi Allegedly Killed for Criticism of Saudi Prince
Oct 5, 2018
HRF Congratulates Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and OFF Speaker Denis Mukwege 
Oct 4, 2018
HRF to UN: Investigate Arbitrary Arrests in Cambodia and Iran
Sep 28, 2018
#ErdoganOut: HRF ad campaign condemns Erdogan during UNGA
Sep 25, 2018
Maldives: Opposition Candidate Wins Election, Ending Yameen’s Authoritarian Rule
Sep 15, 2018
HRF Celebrates the International Day of Democracy
Sep 11, 2018
Cambodia: opposition leader Kem Sokha released from prison
Sep 6, 2018
North Korea Denounces Flash Drives for Freedom
Aug 31, 2018
HRF pide a la CIDH promover aplicación de la cláusula democrática a Bolivia
Aug 30, 2018
Bolivia: HRF Urges IAHCR to Stop Evo Morales’ Authoritarian Power Grabs
Aug 24, 2018
Burundi Sentences Nonviolent Activist to Five Years in Prison
Aug 23, 2018
Press Release — China Denies Visa to Reporter and OFF Speaker Megha Rajagopalan
Aug 14, 2018
Hong Kong activist decries 'colonial invasion' in defiant speech
Aug 13, 2018
Press Release — HRF Calls on Ecuador to Reform Draconian Communications Law
Aug 9, 2018
Comunicado — Ecuador: HRF envía informes a Relator Especial y Asamblea Nacional
Aug 8, 2018
Belarus Detains 18 Journalists in Raids at Independent Outlets
Aug 7, 2018
Photographer charged as police crackdown in Bangladesh intensifies
Aug 6, 2018
Saudi Arabia expels Canadian ambassador after arrests of Saudi activists
Aug 2, 2018
Comoros leader says wins vote to extend presidential term limits
Aug 1, 2018
Google Plans to Launch Censored Search Engine in China, Leaked Documents Reveal
Saudi Arabia Detains More Women’s Rights Activists
Jul 31, 2018
In Cambodia, Dissenting Voters Find Ways to Say ‘None of the Above’
Jul 27, 2018
Elections in Zimbabwe and Cambodia Violate Democratic Standards –
Elections in Zimbabwe and Cambodia Violate Democratic Standards
Jul 24, 2018
The Taliban Couldn't Quash This Pakistani Squash Champ
Jul 23, 2018
Inside Nicaragua’s Protest Movement
Six Years After Oswaldo Payá’s Death, His Family is Still Waiting for Justice
Jul 19, 2018
HRF to UN: Investigate Jailing of Iranian Women’s Rights Activist
Jul 17, 2018
Jailed Reporter in Myanmar Challenges Prosecution’s Version of His Arrest
Jul 16, 2018
HRF Warns UN of Egregious Rights Violations in Eritrea and Vietnam
Jul 11, 2018
Press Release — Nicaragua: HRF Condemns Killings by Ortega’s Regime
Zimbabwe opposition marches on electoral agency to demand reforms
HRF condemns threat against OFF speaker Jerry Sesanga
Jul 10, 2018
Liu Xia, Detained Widow of Nobel Peace Laureate, Leaves China
Jul 9, 2018
Myanmar judge charges two Reuters journalists with violating secrets act
Jul 7, 2018
Comunicado — Nicaragua: HRF condena asesinatos a cargo del régimen de Ortega
Jul 6, 2018
Claims of 'non-stop cycle of torture' involving top officials in Ethiopian jail
Jul 3, 2018
Najib Razak, Malaysia’s Ex-Prime Minister, Is Arrested Amid Corruption Inquiry
Jul 2, 2018
The great firewall of China: Xi Jinping’s internet shutdown
Jun 29, 2018
HRF a Cuba: Dictadura debe liberar al científico ambientalista Ariel Ruiz
Jun 28, 2018
In Zimbabwe, the dictator is gone — but the machinery of repression is alive
Moroccan protest leader's 20-year sentence sets off marches
Jun 25, 2018
HRF to UN: Investigate Trần Thi Xuân’s Arbitrary Detention in Vietnam
Turkey's Erdogan wins sweeping new powers after election victory
Jun 23, 2018
Saudi Arabia Cracks Down on Activists Before Ending the Driving Ban
Jun 22, 2018
Turkey's master campaigner, Erdogan faces biggest election challenge
Iran Human Rights Monitor Monthly Report – May 2018
Jun 21, 2018
John Oliver, Having Mocked Chinese Censorship, Is Censored in China
Jun 20, 2018
Turkey Must Drop Terrorism Charges Against Father of NBA Player Enes Kanter
Jun 18, 2018
Who Really Put Saudi Women Behind the Wheel?
Jun 15, 2018
Thai government steps up efforts to crack down on fake news
Jun 14, 2018
Press Release – Jordan’s Authoritarian Rulers Must Hand Power to the People
In China’s Far West, Companies Cash in on Surveillance Program
Jun 13, 2018
Vietnam Tightens Grip on Internet With Data-Storage Law
Iran's renowned rights lawyer Sotoudeh arrested
Jun 11, 2018
EU, West urge Maldives to hold credible, transparent presidential poll
Three Hong Kong democracy activists jailed up to seven years for rioting
Jun 8, 2018
Press Release — Evo Morales Loses Bid to Influence Inter-American Court
Jun 6, 2018
Another win for Erdogan is no longer a foregone conclusion
Zimbabwe opposition rallies to demand election reform
Jun 5, 2018
Young Jordanians taste political protest for the first time
Ethiopian Parliament Votes to End State of Emergency
Jun 4, 2018
Press Release — Vietnam Censors Havel Prize Laureate Mai Khoi
May 29, 2018
PutinCon Speaker Arkady Babchenko Falsely Reported Assassinated in Kiev
May 23, 2018
Aides Jailed For Anti-Putin Protests As Navalny Appeal Rejected
May 22, 2018
The Kim-Trump Peace Talks Are a Tragedy for the North Korean People
May 18, 2018
Venezuela election: Maduro 'ready for battle' as voters vow to flee if he wins
May 17, 2018
Hong Kong Journalist Is Roughed Up and Detained by Police in Beijing
Burundi votes on extending president’s power until 2034
May 16, 2018
Press Release – Malaysian Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim Released from Prison
May 14, 2018
Violence at protests in Nicaragua leaves 2 more dead
May 11, 2018
What to expect from Iraq’s election on Saturday
May 8, 2018
Press Release: Malaysia Uses Anti-Fake News Law to Target Political Opponents
May 7, 2018
Putin Starts Fourth Presidential Term
Turkey's main opposition candidate demands more media coverage
May 2, 2018
‘Easier to die than live’: Liu Xia, widow of Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo
Malaysia's opposition leader Mahathir under investigation for 'fake news'
May 1, 2018
Myanmar Sentences Policeman who Testified Reuters Reporters were Framed
Apr 30, 2018
Danish Man Is First Person Sentenced Under Malaysia's Anti-Fake-News Law
Comoros to hold referendum on presidential term limits in July
Apr 27, 2018
Myanmar Jails Two Reporters for Exposing a Massacre
Malaysian news company seeks to have anti-fake news law revoked
Apr 26, 2018
Turkish court sentences journalists to years in prison for 'terrorism' charges
Apr 25, 2018
Egyptian Military Court Sentences Sisi Critic to 5 Years in Prison
South Sudan president rejects opposition calls to quit post
#MeToo activists in China are turning to the blockchain to dodge censorship
Apr 24, 2018
Protesters demand resignation of Nicaraguan president after unrest
Apr 23, 2018
HRF Congratulates Shawkan For Winning UNESCO's Press Freedom Prize
Turkish Opposition Lawmakers Are Switching Parties to Challenge Erdogan
New electronic system to speed up Iraqi election results: elections chief
Shutdown of Pakistani TV network hints at army's bid for control
South Korea Silences North Korean Defectors to Appease Kim Jong-un
Apr 20, 2018
Rodrigo Duterte, Who Bristles at Foreign Critics, Has Begun Deporting Them
Apr 19, 2018
Press Release — Castro Handpicks Successor in Sham Vote
Apr 18, 2018
Turkey to hold snap elections on 24 June, says Erdoğan
Apr 17, 2018
Popular Tanzanian singer arrested in latest internet crackdown
A Hopeful Moment for Uzbekistan
HONG KONG: Benny Tai's Topsy-turvy Taiwan Journey
Apr 16, 2018
Moscow Court Blocks Telegram
Ethiopia ends web blackout, raising hopes of reforms under new PM
Apr 12, 2018
Two more activists jailed in Vietnam amid widening dissent crackdown
Azerbaijan’s Aliyev Secures a Fourth Term in Rigged Elections
Apr 11, 2018
Waleed Abulkhair sits in a Saudi jail for speaking out
Sudan’s president orders release of all political prisoners
Chinese Government Forces Residents To Install Surveillance App
Apr 10, 2018
Press Release – Syria: Assad Gasses Innocent Civilians, Again
Vietnam activist sentenced to 13 years on subversion charges
Apr 9, 2018
Let grieving wife of dead environmentalist leave Iran, son pleads
UN Security Council to meet over chemical attack in Syria
Apr 6, 2018
Malaysian Leader Jump-Starts Elections, and Stacks the Odds
Press Release — New HRF Submission to UN Urges Action on Torture in Nigeria
Apr 5, 2018
Vietnam jails prominent human rights lawyer, five other activists
Sierra Leone’s Opposition Leader Is Sworn In as President
Philippines’ Duterte launched a foul-mouthed attack on UN human rights chief
Apr 4, 2018
Angola charges son of former dictator dos Santos with fraud
Apr 3, 2018
As Malaysia Moves to Ban ‘Fake News,’ Worries About Who Decides the Truth
Ethiopia's parliament swears in new prime minister
Boko Haram kills 15, wounds 83 in attack in northern Nigeria
Apr 2, 2018
HRF a la ONU: Danny Glover debe ser despojado de título de embajador de UNICEF
Egypt's Sisi wins 97 percent in election with no real opposition
Art in Protest: Longing for Freedom
As Authoritarianism Spreads, Uzbekistan Goes the Other Way
Mar 30, 2018
Blackmail, prejudice and persecution: gay rights in Nigeria
Mar 29, 2018
The Disappeared – China’s Global Kidnapping Campaign
HRF to UN: Fire Danny Glover From UNICEF Ambassadorship
Tanzania opposition leader charged for 'inciting hatred'
Mar 27, 2018
China and Russia accused of waging 'war on human rights' at UN
Thousands more leave Syria's Ghouta as Assad takes back control
Mar 26, 2018
Malaysia Proposes Law to Fight ‘Fake News’ Ahead of Election
Sierra Leone Runoff Vote to Proceed Tuesday, Court Rules
Militants Linked to Al Qaeda Unleash Deadly Car Bombings in Somalia
Protesters arrested in Belarus during opposition rally
Egypt election begins with President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi certain win
Mar 23, 2018
Venezuela’s Maduro Uses Hunger as an Election Weapon
Zambian Opposition Files Motion to Impeach President Lungu
U.N. rights experts urge China to provide care for rights lawyer
Mar 22, 2018
China Sets up State Monitoring Agency With Sweeping Powers to Detain
Mar 21, 2018
Chinese Dissident, Official Trade Barbs at UN Rights Body
Mar 20, 2018
U.N. calls for Turkey to end state of emergency, halt violations
European Rights Court condemns Turkey over journalist jailings
Telegram Loses Bid to Stop Russia From Getting Encryption Keys
Press Release — Putin Rigs Another Presidential Election
Mar 19, 2018
Sisi's only challenger lays low ahead of Egyptian election
Mar 14, 2018
PutinCon this Friday
The U.N. Received 138 Allegations of Sexual Misconduct in 2017
Mar 13, 2018
'Freedom!': the movement that brought Ethiopia to a standstill
Mar 12, 2018
Russia tries to entice voters to polls to prop up Putin's legitimacy
'Unsafe even to bury the dead' in besieged Syrian enclave
In Egypt, a strongman’s only challenger is barely campaigning
Mar 9, 2018
Turkey's highest court rules Dundar should get stiffer sentence
Mar 8, 2018
Egyptian prosecutors seek death sentence for photographer Shawkan
Congo presidential election on course for December
Mar 6, 2018
‘Oh My God’ Turns to ‘Yay Me’ as Saudi Women Practice Driving
Mar 5, 2018
UN begins aid distribution in Syria’s Ghouta area amid shelling
Russians forced to attend Putin’s star-studded election rally
Protests as Myanmar parliament debates new curbs on demonstrations
Mar 2, 2018
Egypt's Sherine sentenced to prison over Nile joke
Mar 1, 2018
Join HRF at SXSW: Tech, Creativity, and Fashion for Freedom
Iran detains 35 women for going to football match
Can Venezuela Be Saved?
Feb 28, 2018
Report: China Bans Letter ‘N’ From the Internet to Stop Xi Dissent
Feb 27, 2018
U.N. Links North Korea to Syria’s Chemical Weapon Program
Russians Commemorate Anniversary of Boris Nemtsov's Death
China Must Not Abolish Presidential Term Limits
Feb 26, 2018
Tanzania opposition MP jailed for five months for insulting president
Chlorine gas symptoms reported in eastern Ghouta, Syria
Feb 23, 2018
Iran Arrests Two More Women For Protesting Compulsory Hijab
Cambodia's ruling party set to sweep Senate election
Feb 22, 2018
Russian opposition leader arrested ahead of presidential election
Media, rights activists threatened in South Sudan: U.N. report
Feb 21, 2018
UN demands halt of 'monstrous campaign' in Syrian town
Ethiopia’s Great Rift
Bahrain Sentences Prominent Activist to 5 Years in Prison
Feb 20, 2018
Learn About What We Do
Feb 16, 2018
Turkey sentences journalists to life in jail over coup attempt
Hungary's Orban steps up crackdown on critics before vote
Feb 15, 2018
Chinese Lawyers Pen Open Letter in Protest of Professional Persecution
Navalny Website Blocked In Russia Over 'Rybkagate' Report
Feb 14, 2018
Duterte to Int'l Criminal Court: Drug war continues, case or no case
Cambodia parliament adopts lese-majeste law, prompting rights concerns
Libya's supreme court blocks legal challenges to draft constitution
Recruitment of child soldiers still rising in South Sudan
Feb 13, 2018
Upcoming Events
Press Release: Umbrella Movement Leaders Freed — For Now
Feb 12, 2018
HRF Mourns the Passing of Leading Pakistani Lawyer Asma Jahangir
How Myanmar forces burned, looted and killed in a remote village
Feb 8, 2018
International Criminal Court Will Investigate Duterte Over Drug War
ICC to open preliminary probes in Philippines, Venezuela
Feb 7, 2018
Kenya deports opposition lawyer charged with treason
Tajik Election Law Changes Seen Favoring President's Son
Feb 6, 2018
Azerbaijani Opposition Coalition To Boycott Early Election
Air strikes pound Syria's last rebel strongholds, gas chokes civilians
Hong Kong Court Throws Out Protest Leaders’ Prison Sentences
Feb 5, 2018
China’s RSDL a licence to disappear, hold and torture dissenters
Witness to a massacre: former Myanmar soldier saw his village burn
Azerbaijan Schedules Snap Presidential Election In April
Ecuador’s Correa barred from presidency in national referendum
Feb 2, 2018
Venezuelan Political Police Arrests 85-Year-Old Intellectual
Cambodian government criminalizes insult of monarchy Read more at http
Kenya arrests lawyer, keeps TV stations shut
Tehran hijab protest: Iranian police arrest 29 women
Feb 1, 2018
Asia does not have a single ‘fully democratic’ state
Venezuelans Are So Hungry 'They Have to Loot to Eat'
Nobel peace prize: US lawmakers nominate Hong Kong protesters
Jan 31, 2018
Press Release — Ji Seong-ho Honored During State of the Union Address
Thailand charges eight activists as public frustration at junta grows
Jan 30, 2018
HRF Mourns Passing of Non-Violence Scholar Gene Sharp
European Court Says Russia Violated Rights Of Bolotnaya Protesters
Jan 26, 2018
Human Rights Defenders sentenced to 7 and 14 years by Saudi Court
Duterte’s Media War in the Philippines Highlights ASEAN’s Rights Probl
Maduro's Court Excludes Opposition From Presidential Vote
Jan 25, 2018
Thailand charges nine in anti-government protests dating to 2013
Jan 24, 2018
Violence in CAR Sparks ‘Unprecedented’ Levels of Displacement
Jan 23, 2018
Chechnya's Dictator, Recently Hit With US Sanctions, Blames NGOs
Sweden Wants Answers About Its Seized Citizen. China Isn’t Giving Any.
Jan 22, 2018
Russian Court Closes Foundation of Kremlin Critic Aleksei Navalny
Jan 19, 2018
‘It’s Dangerous to Write the Truth.’
Jan 18, 2018
Zimbabwe president promises 'free and fair' election in five months
Jan 17, 2018
Venezuela: HRF condena ejecución extrajudicial de Oscar Pérez
Vietnam upholds jail term for dissident amid crackdown on activists
Joshua Wong Sentenced in Hong Kong for Role in Umbrella Movement
Russian human rights group has offices torched after leader's arrest
Jan 16, 2018
Human rights undermined in Hong Kong, says Ashdown
Press Release — Venezuelan Government Executes Oscar Perez
Jan 15, 2018
Bahrain court upholds jail sentence against rights activist Rajab
Philippines Shuts Down News Site Critical of Rodrigo Duterte
Jan 12, 2018
Rohingya children left stranded amid garbage and muck in Myanmar
Azerbaijani Journalist Gets Six-Year Sentence
Ethiopia Is Falling Apart
Jan 11, 2018
‘The New Normal’ in Pakistan: a Journalist on the Run From Gunmen
Ethiopia top opposition figure gets prison time for contempt
Turkey's top court rules that two jailed journalists be released
Jan 10, 2018
Tunisia protests: Why are people taking to the streets?
Rights Groups Condemn Chechnya Activist's 'Abduction'
Jan 9, 2018
Beijing Builds Its Influence in the American Media
Tunisia's Opposition Urges More Protests
Turkmenistan dictator bans black cars because he likes white ones
Iran protests: 3,700 people were arrested during Iran protests
Jan 8, 2018
Hungary fines main opposition party over billboards
Zimbabwe Releases American Charged With Insulting Mugabe
Egypt to hold presidential election March 26-28
U.S. Sanctions Four More Venezuela Officials
Jan 5, 2018
Friends of arrested Reuters reporter in Myanmar pour out hearts
Venezuelan criminals are using food to recruit children into gangs
Kyrgyz Opposition Politician Jailed For Corruption
UN experts urge Iran to respect rights of protesters
Jan 4, 2018
Tibetan activist put on trial in China for inciting separatism
Press Release – UNWGAD Affirms HRF Petition on Detention of 18 Turkmen
Jan 3, 2018
World's awkward silence over Rohingya genocide warnings
Event — PutinCon: First 360 View on Vladimir Putin in NYC on Mar. 16
Somalia: UN Concerned Over Destruction of Humanitarian Infrastructure
Ethiopia announces release of political prisoners
Deaths and detentions as Cameroon cracks down on anglophone activists
Jan 2, 2018
'Worrying' clampdown on human rights: UN condemns Saudi Arabia
DR Congo has shut down internet amid bloody anti-government protests
Iran protests and death toll grow as tension rises
Thousands in Hong Kong protest Beijing's interference
Dec 28, 2017
Liberia Election Could Mark First Peaceful Transfer of Power Since 194
Press Release — HRF Succeeds in Petition; UN Condemns Zimbabwe
Dec 20, 2017
Cambodia is systematically squashing all forms of dissent
Dec 19, 2017
Uzbekistan Forces State Workers to Subscribe to State-Run Newspapers
Dec 18, 2017
China tells web giants they must accept limits to access
Dec 16, 2017
HRF calls on the Vietnamese government to release Nguyen Van Dai
Dec 15, 2017
Venezuela’s opposition wins EU’s prestigious human rights prize
Activists Pressure Lao Government on Missing Civil Society Leader
Dec 14, 2017
6,700 Rohingya Muslims killed in one month in Myanmar, MSF says
HRF in the News — En El País sobre la crisis democrática en Bolivia
Dec 13, 2017
Pakistan orders George Soros foundation, other aid groups to close
Dec 12, 2017
Evidence that Ethiopia is spying on journalists
North Korea’s prisons are as bad as Nazi camps
Dec 11, 2017
Museveni "Supports" Extending Presidential Terms
Dec 8, 2017
Prize-winning Cameroonian writer detained after criticizing government
South Sudan: Security Council urged to do more to protect civilians
Dec 7, 2017
Hungary's Jobbik party says fine risks making it insolvent
Venezuela threatens to suspend election unless sanctions are dropped
Dec 6, 2017
Police have killed dozens of children in Philippines war on drugs, Am
What happens when sport and politics collide in Iran
President Rodrigo Duterte orders police to rejoin Philippines' war on
Dec 5, 2017
Russia names Radio Free Europe and Voice of America ‘foreign agents’
Cambodia urged to free opposition leader
Dec 4, 2017
Police arrest woman in Tanzania over video of same-sex kiss
Dec 1, 2017
Zimbabwe leader’s Cabinet heavy on military, ruling party
Nov 30, 2017
HRF to OAS: Apply Democracy Clause to Authoritarian Bolivia
Global press freedom plunges to worst level this century
Togo opposition vows to continue protests even during talks
Sudan armed groups still deploy child soldiers: UN
Nov 29, 2017
Zimbabwe: HRF Welcomes Acquittal of Evan Mawarire
Remembering women killed fighting for human rights in 2017
Zimbabwe pastor Evan Mawarire found not guilty of subversion
Nov 28, 2017
Press Release — Vietnam: HRF Condemns Jailing of 22-Year-Old Blogger
Cambodian Rights Group Next in Firing Line
China Sentences Taiwanese Human Rights Activist in Subversion Case
Singapore charges activist for holding public assemblies, including a
On Giving Tuesday, support freedom and democracy
Nov 27, 2017
Oil, Instagram and the Plunder of Equatorial Guinea
Swaziland: Chief Punishes Residents With Fine
Beijing Hinders Free Speech in America
Nov 22, 2017
Zimbabwe's Mnangagwa returns to serve as nation's next leader
UN court sentences Ratko Mladic to life in prison over Bosnia genocide
Nov 21, 2017
HRF to Nelly: Drop men-only concert in dictatorial Saudi Arabia
China Finds Lawyer Guilty of Inciting Subversion
Zimbabwe: Mugabe resigns under military pressure
Sweden stops some new aid for Cambodia in protest over crackdown
Nov 20, 2017
HRF in the News — L.A. Times cites HRF research on African dictators
In Zimbabwe, Mugabe’s party gathers to begin his impeachment
Kenya Court Upholds President’s Election Win
Turkish ban on LGBTI events in capital condemned as 'discriminatory'
Nov 17, 2017
Two killed as Kenyan police disperse supporters cheering opposition leader
North Korean defector had 27cm parasitic worm in his stomach
Venezuela opposition leader Ledezma flees to Colombia
Russia vetoes UN resolution on chemical weapons probe in Syria
Nov 16, 2017
Cambodia’s Top Court Dissolves Main Opposition Party
Nov 15, 2017
HRF to Zimbabwean Military: Call for Free and Fair Elections After Four Decades of Mugabe
Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel Wahab to face trial over Nile comments
China is perfecting a new method for suppressing dissent on the internet
Nov 14, 2017
Gobierno de Venezuela anuncia que controlará las redes sociales con gran severidad
HRF mourns the death of Chinese blogger Yang Tongyan
'When they began slaughtering us we ran for our lives': Rohingya trapped inside Myanmar
Jesus won’t save you — President Xi Jinping will, Chinese Christians told
An imprisoned West African graphic novelist received the Courage in Cartooning award
Nov 13, 2017
Press Release — Bahrain Dissolves Opposition Group; Escalates Crackdown on Dissidents
I was jailed for 9 days for driving while female in Saudi Arabia. Our activism worked
We’re Not Done Yet, Hague Court Tells Burundi’s Leaders
Holding chess championship in Saudi Arabia is a 'horrible' move, top players say
Nov 10, 2017
HRF to President Trump: Denounce Extrajudicial Killings in Philippines
Nov 9, 2017
No school, no salary: the children tricked into domestic servitude in Zanzibar
U.N. watchdog tells Congo to hold election, clean up human rights
Venezuela Constituent Assembly Cracks Down On Media
Nov 8, 2017
Art of dissent: Protesting Russia's Putin with Pussy Riot
Nov 7, 2017
10 North Koreans Detained in China; ‘We Fear the Worst,’ Activist Says
More Than a Million People in South Sudan Are on the Brink of Starvation
Robert Mugabe sacks vice-president to clear path to power for wife
Their Sons Sought a More Democratic Hong Kong, and Got Prison
Nov 6, 2017
HRF to Cuba: Explain Disappearance of Human Rights Activists
‘We Are Everywhere’: How Ethiopia Became a Land of Prying Eyes
The Saudi crown prince just made a very risky power play
HRF Demands Release of American Journalist in Zimbabwe
Nov 3, 2017
Jailed Belarusian Opposition Leader Statkevich Gets Additional 10 Days In Prison
Fate of Stateless Rohingya Muslims Is in Antagonistic Hands
Nov 2, 2017
Vietnam dissident's daughter calls on Melania Trump for help
Draft UN resolution would condemn North Korea on rights abuses
Nov 1, 2017
Eritrea's Asmara city hit by rare student protest
Defector: Information, not force, can bring change in NKorea
28 killed in rare protests in Eritrea, opposition group says
Elderly couple accuse Immigration of ineptitude
Oct 31, 2017
HRF in the News — September and October highlights
Putin Critic Who Fought Pro-Russia Rebels Shot Dead in Ukraine
Cambodia Is Becoming 'Openly Authoritarian' in Its Crackdown on Opposition
Oct 30, 2017
HRF to Spain and U.S.: Bring Venezuelan Dictatorship Cronies to Justice
Oct 27, 2017
Son of Equatorial Guinea's president is convicted of corruption in France
‘Baffled’ by Rohingya Stance, U.N. Official Scolds Aung San Suu Kyi
UN finds Syrian regime responsible for gas attack on rebel-held town
Oct 26, 2017
Bahraini Appeals Court Confirms Dissolution of Wa’ad
Analysis: The Political Impasse Over Syria’s Disappeared
HRF Condemns Kenya's Election Rerun
BBC appeals to UN over Iran’s crackdown on journalists
Parliament awards Sakharov Prize 2017 to Democratic Opposition in Venezuela
Oct 25, 2017
In China, a CreditKarma that factors in your political views…
After Four Years in Egypt Jail, Ibrahim Halawa is Home
Oct 24, 2017
Kenya's top court to hear petition to postpone election
Myanmar Rohingya crisis: US withdraws military assistance
Press Release — HRF to Cameroon: Release Activist Nasako Besingi; End Crackdown on Protesters
Hong Kong Protest Leaders Are Freed on Bail to Pursue Appeal
Oct 23, 2017
It’s not so surprising WHO’s new director tried to make Robert Mugabe a goodwill ambassador
China Is Getting Better at Undermining Global Human Rights
Russian radio journalist stabbed in neck at her Moscow office
Press Release — HRF Condemns WHO for Appointing Robert Mugabe as "Goodwill Ambassador"
Oct 20, 2017
Cuban Dissidents in Electoral Challenge as Castro Era Nears End
Oct 19, 2017
U.N. Peacekeeping Chief Issues Warning on South Sudan
Oct 18, 2017
Kenya election commissioner flees days before new vote, saying it cannot be fair
Today CCP opened its 19th Party Congress. We call for the release of Gao Zhisheng on this occasion.
Why Uzbek Government Still Forces People To Pick Cotton
Oct 17, 2017
Russian opposition leader's fraud conviction arbitrary, Europe's top rights court says
Press Release – OFF Speaker Pierre Claver Mbonimpa Awarded the Civil Courage Prize
UN elects Congo to Human Rights Council despite abuses
Oct 16, 2017
HRF in the News — Thor Halvorssen on Using Tech to Advance Human Rights
Kyrgyz Candidate Alleges Violations In Presidential Vote, But Suggests He Will Accept Result
Oct 14, 2017
Press Release — HRF Awarded D&AD Wood Pencil Prize
Oct 13, 2017
The Russia Download // Special issue on elections and disinformation
Bolivia: President Evo Morales' bid to extend term limits sparks mass protest
World must wake up to crackdown in Cambodia, says exiled opposition politician
Oct 12, 2017
Egyptian Activist Receives a Top Human Rights Award
Congo Elections Won't Be Held Before April 2019
Oct 11, 2017
Wall Street Journal Reporter Sentenced to Prison by Turkish Court
Letter to my daughter: what is it like to be a girl in 2016?
Oct 10, 2017
Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga withdraws from Oct. 26 election re-run
UN Resolution Condemns Death Penalty for Same-sex Relations
Vietnam: HRF Submits Urgent Appeal to UN on Behalf of Blogger Me Nam
Babanov Campaign Accuses Kyrgyz Election Officials Of Backing Ruling Party Candidate
Oct 9, 2017
Las víctimas olvidadas del Che Guevara
LGBT people in Egypt targeted in wave of arrests and violence
Oct 6, 2017
Police Tear-Gas Kenyan Vote Protesters as Crowds Gather in Cities
This is No Joke: Bolivian Ruler Invokes His 'Human Right' to Stay in Power
HRF Brings UN Attention to Rights Abuses in Turkmenistan and Cuba
Oct 5, 2017
Azerbaijani journalist Khadija Ismayilova wins 2017 Allard Prize
2 Ugandan opposition lawmakers' homes hit by grenade attacks
Oct 4, 2017
Rwanda Charges Critic of President With Inciting Insurrection
Oct 3, 2017
Journalist arrested over report Grace Mugabe gave used underwear to supporters
Press Release — HRF Urges Burma to End Violence Against Rohingya in Rakhine State
'Go Kabila go': new effort to oust DR Congo president despite fear of violence
Aleksei Navalny, Putin Critic, Is Sentenced to 20 Days in Jail
Oct 2, 2017
Rally Held 'For Fair Elections' In Bishkek Ahead Of October Presidential Vote
Sep 29, 2017
Following The Twists, Turns In Kyrgyzstan's Presidential Race
Sep 28, 2017
Press Release — HRF Demands Release of Political Cartoonist in Equatorial Guinea
Kenya's ruling party moves to amend election law ahead of vote re-run
Uganda introduces bill to remove presidential age limit
Sep 27, 2017
A heart-breaking testimony of torture in North Korea
Sep 26, 2017
Press Release — Saudi Activists Succeed in Ending Ban on Women Drivers
Kenya police tear gas protests over electoral commission
Ugandan lawmakers in brawl over 'life presidency' bill
Sep 12, 2017
Opposition stays away as Kenyatta warns against 'destructive division'
Sep 8, 2017
Rwanda: Former presidential hopeful Rwigara arrested again
Aug 30, 2017
HRF in the News—Fast Company on Tech & Human Rights
Aug 29, 2017
Press Release — HRF Calls for Release of Detained Lawyers, End of Press Persecution in Tajikistan
Aug 23, 2017
Election in Angola Marks End of an Era
Aug 18, 2017
Press Release — Venezuelan Regime Takes Over Legislative Powers of Elected Representatives
Aug 17, 2017
Kenyan Opposition Leader Will Go to Supreme Court Over Disputed Election
Aug 16, 2017
Press Release — HRF Urges Release of Chinese Human Rights Lawyer Wang Quanzhang
Press Release — Syria: White Helmets Co-Founder Speaks out against Regime Violence
Aug 15, 2017
Press Release — Chinese Human Rights Lawyer Gao Zhisheng Goes Missing
Press Release — HRF to the Venezuelan Regime: Freedom for Lisbeth “Mamá Lis” Añez
Aug 14, 2017
At least 24 reportedly killed in Kenya post-election violence
Aug 11, 2017
Comunicado de Prensa – HRF al régimen de Venezuela: Libertad plena para Lisbeth “Mamá Lis” Añez
Aug 9, 2017
Press Release — Rwanda: HRF Condemns Kagame on Façade Election
Aug 2, 2017
Texts, Lies, and Videotape
Opinion | Rwanda’s Forever President
Aug 1, 2017
Press Release — HRF Condemns the Arrests of Venezuelan Opposition Leaders
Kenyan Election Official Is Killed on Eve of Vote
Jul 28, 2017
Comunicado de Prensa — HRF y CLADH solicitan a la CIDH a defender magistrados venezolanos
Jul 27, 2017
Press Release — July 27-31: Join HRF at DEF CON
Jul 26, 2017
Press Release — Nicolas Cage Should Rescind Support of Kazakhstan’s Authoritarian Government
When Will Kabila Go? Congolese Leader Long Overstays His Welcome
Press Release — HRF in U.S. Senate Testimony: Probe Fusion GPS for Paid Smear Campaigns in Venezuela
Jul 21, 2017
Press Release — HRF Joins Cuba Decide to Honor Oswaldo Payá on the 5th Anniversary of his Death
Jul 19, 2017
Woman Recently Arrested for Wearing a Skirt & Crop Top in Public Released
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Community Guidelines
Jul 18, 2017
Comunicado de Prensa — ONU condena a Cuba por detención arbitraria de El Sexto
Press Release — UN Condemns Cuba for Arbitrary Detention of El Sexto
Jul 12, 2017
Page No Longer Available
Jul 11, 2017
Real Russia Today
Jul 10, 2017
Congo Election Head: Presidential Vote Unlikely This Year
Robert Mugabe ruling Zimbabwe from hospital bed, says opposition
Jul 8, 2017
Press Release — Venezuela's Leopoldo López Released From Prison, Now Under House Arrest
Jul 7, 2017
Cuban Activist Group Ladies in White Asks the Pope to Intervene on Government Repression
Lawmakers hurt in latest Venezuela clashes
Kenya seeks to restrict political commentary on social media ahead of elections – Committee to Protect Journalists
Russia tried to stop us from protesting
Jul 6, 2017
Real Russia Today
Real Russia Today
Real Russia Today
HRF Real Russia Today
OEA :: Venezuela: Secretario General de la OEA condena agresión contra Asamblea Nacional
Jul 5, 2017
Libye, Egypte: Paris récidiviste de la vente de technologies de surveillance à des dictatures – Libération
Jul 3, 2017
UN demands electoral timetable for troubled DR Congo
Gabon : la justice française va enquêter sur d'éventuels crimes contre l'humanité lors des violences post-électorales –
Jun 30, 2017
Press Release — HRF to Russia: Free Peaceful Protesters and Annul Their Convictions
Zimbabwe : l’opposant Evan Mawarire libéré sous caution
Jun 29, 2017
En Angola, la répression d’une manifestation séparatiste fait un mort et plusieurs blessés graves
Le journaliste angolais Rafael Marques à nouveau devant les juges après la publication d’une enquête
Au Zimbabwe, l’opposant Evan Mawarire interpellé à Hararé
Jun 28, 2017
Zimbabwe Protest Pastor Freed on Bail, Faces Violence Charges – The New York Times
Jun 27, 2017
PICS: Mawarire remains in custody, as evicted Zim university students shelter in church | News24
Jun 26, 2017
Press Release — Angola Indicts Oslo Freedom Forum Speaker
South Sudan censors newspapers, hampers press in civil war – ABC News
Jun 24, 2017
When You Can’t Shoot, Sue!
Jun 23, 2017

Jun 22, 2017
[Document] Gabon: le rapport critique de la Francophonie sur la présidentielle – RFI
OHCHR | Burundi : Persistence of serious human rights violations in a climate of widespread fear
Jun 21, 2017
2 Angolan Journalists Charged With Insulting the State – The New York Times
Newspaper editor interrogated by authorities in Uganda – Committee to Protect Journalists
Jun 20, 2017
Sénégal : quatre personnes arrêtées pour outrage au président Macky Sall –
Un journaliste arrêté pour s'être entretenu avec un syndicaliste au Gabon
Jun 19, 2017
Greece blocks a discussion of China's human rights at the EU
Jun 16, 2017
Human Rights Foundation
May 16, 2017
America, Your Election Is Not Rigged
May 15, 2017
Press Release — Uganda: Drop "Cyber-Harassment" Charges Against Activist for Facebook Posts
May 8, 2017
UNHCR – More than one million children flee South Sudan violence
Zimbabweans must rally around Pastor Mawarire | MG Africa
Press Release — The Political Entrepreneur
May 6, 2017
Press Release — Red Bull Athletes Train Children of Pres. Maduro and Drug Kingpin Hugo Carvajal
May 5, 2017
Press Release — Havel Prize Recognizes Efforts in Bahrain, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe
May 4, 2017
Apr 24, 2017
Press Release — Turkey: HRF Condemns Post-Referendum Crackdown
Apr 21, 2017
Press Release — Venezuela: HRF Condemns Murders Carried Out by Paramilitary Groups
Apr 19, 2017
HRF in the News — HRF writes on Zimbabwe election
Apr 18, 2017
Press Release — Chechnya: Terror Against Gay Men Could Amount to Crimes Against Humanity
Press Release — Chechnya: Terror Against Gay Men Could Amount to Crimes Against Humanity
Apr 14, 2017
Press Release — HRF to Cuba: End Brutal Assault on UNPACU Members
Press Release — Venezuela: HRF Condemns Murders Carried Out by Paramilitary Groups
Press Release — HRF to UN: Denounce Human Trafficking in Cuba
Apr 12, 2017
Press Release — May 11: Cuban Dissident Artist El Sexto to Premiere Art Show in San Francisco
Apr 7, 2017
HRF in the News — LA Times reports on El Sexto's Art in Protest exhibit
Apr 3, 2017
HRF in the News — Radio Martí on HRF's open letter on film censorship
Mar 30, 2017
Press Release — Open Letter on Cuba Censorship at the Havana Film Festival New York
Press Release — Coup in Venezuela: Maduro Regime Shuts Down Legislative Power
Mar 28, 2017
HRF in the News — Bloomberg quotes HRF on corruption in Latin America
Press Release — HRF to launch Free Speech Unlimited at RightsCon Brussels
Mar 17, 2017
HRF to OAS Members: Do Your Job, Apply Democracy Clause in Venezuela
Mar 15, 2017
HRF in the News — VOA live interview with Celine Assaf Boustani
HRF in the News — Reason TV deems HRF the most disruptive at SXSW
Mar 14, 2017
Press Release — Cuba: Female Activists Beaten, Stripped Naked By State Agents
Mar 13, 2017
HRF in the News — CNN en Marcha interviews Rosa María Payá
HRF in the News — CNN en Marcha interviews Thor Halvorssen at SXSW
Mar 10, 2017
HRF in the News — Curul85 interviews nonviolence expert Jamila Raquib during CFF at UFM
Mar 9, 2017
Yulia Marushevska, Oslo Freedom Forum speaker, faces persecution in Ukraine
Mar 7, 2017
Press Release— HRF to Egypt: Hold Mubarak Accountable
Press Release — HRF to Egypt: Hold Mubarak Accountable
Mar 1, 2017
HRF in the News — HRF in Newsday
Feb 27, 2017
Press Release — HRF to UN: Investigate Evan Mawarire’s Arbitrary Detention in Zimbabwe
Feb 22, 2017
HRF in the News — In El País, HRF profiles OAS leader Luis Almagro
Feb 18, 2017
Press Release — HRF to Testify Before U.S. Senate
Feb 17, 2017
HRF in the News — In El Nacional, HRF urges OAS to defend Venezuelan democracy
Feb 9, 2017
Press Release — Russia Should Reverse Alexei Navalny’s Conviction And Allow Him to Run For President
Press Release — Russia Should Reverse Alexei Navalny’s Conviction And Allow Him To Run For President
Feb 8, 2017
Press Release — Zimbabwe Releases Activist from Illegal Detention — But Will Not Drop Charges
Feb 1, 2017
Press Release — Zimbabwe Arrests Evangelical Pastor on Return from New York
Jan 21, 2017
Press Release — Cuba: Graffiti Artist Imprisoned for Anti-Castro Protest Released
HRF in the News — Václav Award Winner "El Sexto" in DW
Jan 19, 2017
Press Release — HRF Tech Panel at SXSW Festival in March 2016
Jan 13, 2017
HRF in the News — Thor Halvorssen in Verdens Gang on Venezuelan democracy
Jan 10, 2017
Press Release — Turkey: HRF Condemns Three-Month Extension to the State of Emergency
Press Release — Turkey: HRF Condemns Three-Month Extension to the State of Emergency
HRF in the News — HRF Pres. writes on Venezuelan corruption in New York Post
Dec 19, 2016
Press Release — El Sexto’s Lawyer Expelled from Cuba After False Detention & Interrogation
Dec 16, 2016
Press Release — HRF to UN: Inquire into Arbitrary Detentions in Cuba; “El Sexto” should be released
Press Release — Kimberley Motley, El Sexto’s Lawyer, Arrested in Cuba, and Taken to Unknown Location
Press Release — HRF to Cuba: Allow El Sexto to Meet With His International Lawyer
Dec 15, 2016
Press Release — HRF to UN: "El Sexto" Should be Released
Dec 12, 2016
Press Release — Canada, U.S., Estonia: HRF Supports Legislation to Reject Dictatorship Enablers
Nov 29, 2016
The Gambia: On the Eve of a Presidential Election, HRF Demands Release of Pro-Democracy Activists
Nov 22, 2016
Press Release — Turkey: HRF Condemns Shutdown of 370 Independent Civil Society Groups
Nov 2, 2016
HRF in the News — Javier El-Hage writes in El País about the "coup" in Venezuela
Oct 29, 2016
Press Release — HRF’s Work to Be Featured in London at Mozilla and WIRED Conferences
Oct 28, 2016
Press Release — Russia: HRF Applauds Rejection of Putin’s Regime from UN Human Rights Council
Press Release — Russia: HRF Applauds Rejection of Putin’s Regime from UN Human Rights Council
Oct 26, 2016
HRF in the News — HRF Questions Atlantic Council in The Hill
Oct 24, 2016
Press Release — HRF Urges Democratic Countries not to Elect Dictatorships to UN Human Rights Council
Oct 12, 2016
Press Release — HRF to Burundi: Let Independent UN Experts Do Their Jobs
Press Release — HRF to Burundi: Let Independent UN Experts Do Their Jobs
Oct 10, 2016
Press Release — Join HRF and Flash Drives For Freedom at PubCon
Oct 5, 2016
Press Release — HRF to UN: Do Not Elect Dictatorships to the Human Rights Council
Oct 4, 2016
HRF to Eritrea: Disclose the Whereabouts of Journalists Detained in Secret Prisons Since 2001
Sep 19, 2016
Press Release — ‘Independent’ Think Tank Honors African Dictator as ‘Global Citizen’
Sep 12, 2016
Press Release — Why Is Atlantic Council Honoring the Dictator of Gabon?
Sep 9, 2016
Press Release — Venezuela: HRF Condemns Imprisonment of Opposition Leader Over Picture-Taking Drone
Aug 31, 2016
Press Release —Venezuela: HRF Condemns Arbitrary Arrest of Opposition Leader
Aug 30, 2016
Press Release — HRF to Bahrain: Stop Shutting Down the Internet
Aug 29, 2016
Press Release — HRF Welcomes UN Special Rapporteur’s Opinion Curbing Broad “Hate Speech” Prohibition
Aug 24, 2016
Press Release — HRF to Angola: Withdraw Secret Social Media Bill
Aug 18, 2016
Press Release — Venezuela: HRF Condemns Court Proceedings; Requests Release of Political Prisoner
Aug 15, 2016
Press Release — Turkey: HRF Calls on the UN to Inquire into Gross Human Rights Violations
Aug 4, 2016
Press Release — Nicaragua: HRF Condemns Arbitrary Dismissal of Opposition Congressmen
Jul 29, 2016
HRF to Gabon: Stop Violence Against Peaceful Protesters; Release Youth Activists and Union Leaders
Jul 28, 2016
Press Release — Turkey: HRF Condemns Erdogan’s Firing of Almost Three Thousand Judges
Jul 22, 2016
HRF in the News — HRF Commemorates the Fourth Anniversary of the Death of Cuban Dissident
Jul 18, 2016
Zimbabwe: HRF Welcomes Dropped Charges Against Mawarire; Urges Authorities to Stop Arbitrary Arrests
Jul 13, 2016
Press Release — HRF to Rafael Correa: Stop Muzzling the Media
Press Release — HRF to Rafael Correa: Stop Muzzling the Media
Jul 12, 2016
HRF in the News — HRF in the Washington Post
Jul 11, 2016
Press Release — Infographic: Repression in Venezuela
Jul 6, 2016
Press Release — Saudi Arabia: HRF Publishes Legal Report on Waleed Abu al-Khair
Jun 30, 2016
Press Release — Nicaragua: HRF Condemns Court Ruling Leaving Ortega As Sole Presidential Candidate
Jun 24, 2016
Press Release — OAS: HRF Welcomes Long-Overdue Session Assessing Venezuela’s Democratic Erosion
Jun 21, 2016
Press Release — Cuba: Activists Arrested After Meeting With OAS Secretary General
Jun 17, 2016
Press Release — HRF Met with OAS Chief in the Dominican Republic
Jun 13, 2016
Press Release — HRF to Cuba: Stop Harassing Dissident Doctor
Jun 9, 2016
Press Release — HRF to Almagro: For 8 Years We’ve Urged Suspension of Venezuelan Regime from OAS
Jun 1, 2016
HRF in the News — This Nonprofit Wants the U.S. to Ally With Syria's Dictator
May 25, 2016
#OsloFF News — OFF, the Arab Spring, and Digital Technology
May 12, 2016
Press Release — Uganda: HRF Condemns Social Media Blackout Ahead of Presidential Inauguration
May 11, 2016
Press Release — HRF to Azerbaijan: Drop Criminal Investigation Into Independent Media
May 5, 2016
Press Release —2016 Havel Prize Awarded to Atena Farghadani, Petr Pavlensky, and Umida Akhmedova
Apr 21, 2016
Press Release — Venezuela: HRF Condemns Prison Sentence Against Journalist Who Denounced Corruption
Apr 20, 2016
Press Release — HRF to the Gambia: Investigate Extrajudicial Executions of Political Opponents
Apr 12, 2016
Press Release — Venezuela: HRF Condemns Large-scale, Illegal Wiretapping of Political Opposition
Apr 11, 2016
Press Release — Egypt: Halt Persecution of Civil Society Groups
Mar 30, 2016
Press Release — HRF to Cuba: Stop Harassing El Sexto
Mar 28, 2016
Press Release — Angola: HRF Condemns Convictions and Demands Release of Youth Activists
Press Release — HRF to Nigeria: Withdraw Social Media Bill Targeting Free Speech
HRF in the News — Javier El-Hage writes on Obama's visit to Cuba in El País
Mar 20, 2016
HRF in the News — USA Today visits Flash Drives for Freedom at SXSW
Mar 18, 2016
HRF in the News — Garry Kasparov in Newsweek
Mar 16, 2016
Press Release — HRF to UN: Inquire into Death Threats Against Rosa María Payá in Cuba
Mar 1, 2016
Press Release — HRF Takes College Freedom Forum Global
Feb 25, 2016
Press Release — Egypt: HRF & American University Washington College of Law Submit Petition to UN
Feb 24, 2016
Press Release — HRF to UN: Inquire into Suspicious Death of Oswaldo Payá in Cuba
Feb 11, 2016
Press Release — HRF to Turkey: Free Journalists Can Dündar and Erdem Gül
Feb 10, 2016
Press Release — HRF Supports the First US Exhibit of Cuban Artist El Sexto
Feb 4, 2016
Press Release — HRF to Morocco: Drop Charges Against Human Rights Activists
Jan 29, 2016
Press Release — Ecuador: HRF Condemns Cyber-Attacks Against Free Press Watchdog
Jan 25, 2016
Press Release — Afghanistan: HRF Condemns Taliban Deadly Attack on Tolo News
Jan 21, 2016
HRF in the News — DW quotes HRF on El Sexto's release from Cuban prison
Press Release — Venezuela: HRF Condemns Inhuman Treatment of Leopoldo López’s Wife and Mother
Jan 13, 2016
Press Release — HRF to Saudi Arabia: End Harassment and Drop Charges Against Samar Badawi
Jan 6, 2016
Press Release — HRF to OAS Secretary-General: Apply the Democracy Clause in Venezuela
Dec 22, 2015
Facing Worldwide Scrutiny, Angola Releases Political Prisoners
Dec 17, 2015
Nicki Minaj Shouldn’t Be Performing for Dictators
Nov 16, 2015
Press Release — HRF Awarded Sergei Magnitsky Human Rights Prize
Nov 5, 2015
Press Release — Join HRF for the College Freedom Forum at Stanford
Oct 30, 2015
Press Release — HRF to Cuba: End Harassment and Legal Persecution Against El Sexto
Oct 29, 2015
Press Release — HRF Deplores Election of Dictatorships to Top UN Human Rights Body
Oct 20, 2015
Press Release — HRF Chairman Visits Kazakh Dissident in Prison; Calls on French President
Press Release — HRF, Lantos Foundation, UN Watch to Host Event Opposing Election of Authoritarians
Oct 14, 2015
Press Release — Cuba: HRF Celebrates Life and Legacy of Laura Pollán
Oct 9, 2015
Press Release — Nobel Peace Prize: HRF Welcomes Recognition of Tunisia’s Civil Society
Oct 8, 2015
Press Release — Ecuador: HRF Welcomes Dismissal of Case Against Fundamedios
Oct 2, 2015
Press Release — HRF to Saudi Arabia: Halt Beheading and Crucifixion of Activist Ali Mohammed al-Nim
Sep 24, 2015
Press Release — HRF Releases Report at UN Security Council on the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda
Sep 23, 2015
HRF in the News — HRF pres. on the arrest of his cousin, Leopoldo Lopez, in Venezuela
Sep 17, 2015
HRF in the News — Miami Herald reports on Leopoldo Lopez's arbitrary arrest
Sep 16, 2015
Press Release — Inter-American Court: HRF Welcomes Judgment in Favor of RCTV
Sep 11, 2015
HRF in the News — LA Times on Leopoldo Lopez's sentencing
Sep 10, 2015
Press Release — Venezuela: HRF Condemns 13-Year Prison Sentence Against Leopoldo López
Sep 9, 2015
Press Release — HRF Urges President Obama to Press Saudi King for Release of Imprisoned Activists
Aug 26, 2015
Press Release — HRF to Cuba: Free El Sexto
Aug 25, 2015
Press Release — Egypt: Release Photojournalist “Shawkan;” Dismiss Case Against Him
Aug 19, 2015
Press Release —Venezuela: HRF Condemns $365 Million Lawsuit Against Independent Media
Aug 17, 2015
Press Release — Ecuador: HRF Comments on Arrest of Journalist & Dismissal of Deportation Case
Press Release — Bahrain: Release Ebrahim Sharif; Drop Incitement Charges Against Him
Aug 13, 2015
Press Release — HRF Condemns Threats Against Lead Singer of Porno para Ricardo
Aug 10, 2015
RECAP: HRF puts Gabon’s human rights and corruption crisis in the news
Aug 7, 2015
Press Release — HRF condemns assassination attempt against OFF speaker from Burundi
Jul 22, 2015
HRF in the News — Foreign Policy on HRF's new legal report about the mysterious death of Payá
Jul 17, 2015
Press Release — Venezuela: HRF Condemns Targeted Twitter Data Collection by Political Police
Jul 1, 2015
Press Release — HRF Welcomes the Release of Swazi Lawyer Thulani Maseko
Jun 28, 2015
HRF in the News — HRF Reports on Oswaldo Paya’s Death
Jun 22, 2015
Press Release — HRF Report on Oswaldo Payá’s Death; Evidence Suggests Government May Have Killed Him
Jul 13, 2011
Press Release — Honduras: HRF Finds Truth Commission Report Conclusive and Balanced