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Hannah Van Dijcke

Legal and Research Officer

Hannah Van Dijcke is a legal and research officer at HRF, where she manages HRF’s research project that monitors political freedom and regime developments globally. As part of HRF’s Impact Litigation Program, Van Dijcke submits public comments to Meta’s Oversight Board, as well as assists with our other legal and policy work. 

Prior to joining HRF, Hannah researched the right to free speech and hate speech legislation as a Doctor of the Science of Law candidate at the University of Michigan Law School. Van Dijcke holds a master’s in International and Human Rights Law from the University of Michigan and a master’s in Belgian and EU law from KU Leuven. Van Dijcke was awarded several fellowships for academic excellence and gained experience working for the Belgian government, the Permanent Mission of Belgium to the UN, and the UN International Law Commission.