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The Putin regime is the gravest threat to democracy and human rights that exists in the world today. Putin’s power as Russia’s ruler is based in fear, mystery, and propaganda. Putin has wielded violence as the key tool in shaping a system that gives him unrivaled power and wealth, both within Russia and worldwide. Putin’s war on Ukraine has already killed thousands of civilians and created millions of refugees. The Putin regime was always a human rights catastrophe ready to happen. Four years ago, we hosted PutinCon to examine and expose the Putin regime. With international attention focused on Russia, we think you might find some of these past talks particularly interesting and prescient.


How did Putin take a democratic country and turn it into a dictatorship with a cult of personality? Learn how Russia went from being a “friend” of the free world to a “designated enemy.”

Speakers: Garry Kasparov, David Satter, Arkady Babchenko, Yegveni Kiselev, and Anders Aslund.


Georgia, Ukraine, and Syria: Putin has interfered in multiple conflicts across the world and suffered no consequences. This section provides an overview of the objectives and consequences of Putin’s warmongering.

Speakers: Valentyn Nalyvichenko, Thornike Gordadze , Anna Borshchevskaya, and Michael Carpenter.


What does Putin own and how did he acquire it? Who are Putin’s bagmen and cronies, his foreign accomplices, his local enablers? What should international law enforcement do in light of this information? In this session, speakers analyze the extent of kleptocracy in Russia, with a focus on collusion between Putin and his accomplices.

Speakers: Preet Bharara, Boris Reit-Schuster, Nikita Kulachenkov, Olga Litvinenko, and Bill Browder.


What will the future look like if Putin has his way? What is his foreign policy? What is Putin’s influence inside the United States, Europe, and the rest of the world?  This session illuminates issues, including Russian interference in foreign elections, hacking, and the chaos caused by Putin’s propaganda across the world.

Speakers: Toomas Hendrik Ilves, James Kirchick, Molly McKew, and Luke Harding.


What do democratic leaders and foreign policy experts need to know in order to understand Putin’s thinking properly? A renowned neuroscientist with expertise in psychopathy and narcissism explains how dictators think.

Speaker: James Fallon

We also hope to see you at the opening of PutinCon Live, a conversation series focusing on the present war in Ukraine, with Garry Kasparov, Anne Applebaum, and Yulia Marushevska. The conversation will take place on Twitter Spaces on Wednesday March 9th at 2pm EST.