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Since our launch 15 years ago, the Human Rights Foundation has created a global network of support for hundreds of the bravest and most influential dissidents in the world. These individuals dedicate their lives, often at great personal risk, to challenging authoritarian governments that violate the most basic rights of 4.18 billion people in 94 countries across the globe.

In order to better serve these individuals and turn the tide toward a freer and more open world, we are challenging ourselves to significantly grow our reach and impact in 2020. Our mission has never been more clear than it is today: the Human Rights Foundation exists to challenge tyranny and promote freedom in closed and closing societies. So how do we accomplish that?

We engage in political prisoner legal advocacy with a track record of measurable success in bringing about liberation; we educate a global audience through media and events that reach millions of people every month; we conduct research and analyses that change government policy across the world; we produce high-impact reports and publications focusing on human rights and authoritarianism; and we directly support individual activists and civil society organizations on the frontlines of democratic change.

For 2020, we aim to keep improving the work of human rights defenders, achieving international legal victories, sparking meaningful collaborations, employing technology at the service of freedom, and building our global community through events and outreach.


Download HRF’s 2019 Annual Report