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On June 5, the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) will host the seventh annual Financial Freedom track at the 2024 Oslo Freedom Forum.

The track is designed to shed light on how authoritarian regimes around the world are deploying financial repression tools to target dissidents and to show how citizens worldwide are pushing back with open-source software. It will feature speakers from more than a dozen countries worldwide, ranging from Nigeria to Nicaragua.

The Financial Freedom track will be a great place for activists to meet world experts who can help them strengthen their work with better financial tools that governments cannot stop.

On June 3 and 4, HRF will also run a Bitcoin 101 for Activists workshop series at the Oslo Concert Hall, covering the basics of using Bitcoin as safely and effectively as possible for nonprofit leaders.

Meet Our Financial Freedom Speakers

Lyn Alden

Macroeconomist; author of “Broken Money”

Jack Dorsey

CEO at Block; co-founder, Twitter

Matt Odell

Managing partner, Ten31; co-founder, Open Sats; host, Citadel Dispatch and Rabbit Hole Recap

Jack Mallers

Founder and CEO, Strike

Elizabeth Stark

Co-founder and CEO, Lightning Labs

Farida Nabourema

Co-founder, Africa Bitcoin Conference

Jeff Booth

Author, “The Price of Tomorrow”; general partner, Ego Death Capital

Lisa Neigut

Co-founder, Base58; founder, Bitcoin++

Peter McCormack

Host, “What Bitcoin Did”

Lorraine Marcel

Founder, Bitcoin Dada

Ben Perrin

Bitcoin educator; host, “Why Are We Bullish”

Carla Kirk-Cohen

Software engineer, Chaincode Labs; board member, Btrust

Troy Cross

Professor of philosophy and humanities, Reed College; co-founder of the Nakamoto Project

Abubakar Nur Khalil

Bitcoin core contributor; CEO, Recursive Capital; board member, Btrust

Anita Posch

Founder, Bitcoin for Fairness

Dulce Villarreal

CEO and founder, Libreria de Satoshi

Femi Longe

Program director, Btrust Builders


Bitcoin and Lightning developer; creator, Cashu

Obi Nwosu

Founder and CEO, Fedi; board member, Btrust

Jhanisse Vaca Daza

Director, HRF Freedom Fellows

Charlene Fadirepo

CEO, Mango Digital Strategies

Alex Gladstein

Chief Strategy Officer, Human Rights Foundation; author, “Check Your Financial Privilege”

Noble Nyangoma

CEO, Bitcoin Innovation Hub


Bitcoin educator

Craig Raw
Founder, Sparrow Wallet

Nick Anthony

Policy analyst, Cato Institute; HRF CBDC Tracker Fellow

Luthando Ndabambi

Community director, Bitcoin Ekasi

Paul Itoi

Co-founder and CEO, Stakwork

Mogashni Naidoo

Co-founder, Bitcoin Design Foundation

Roger Huang

Journalist and contributor, Forbes

Hadiya Masieh

Founder and CEO, Groundswell Project

Thomas Pacchia

Founder, Pubkey

Amiti Uttarwar
Bitcoin Core contributor

MacKenzie Sigalos

Technology reporter, CNBC

Dr. Álvaro Salas-Castro

President and CEO, Reynolds Foundation

Anna Chekhovich

HRF nonprofit bitcoin adoption lead

Christian Keroles

Director of Financial Freedom, HRF

Ayelen Osorio

Content and research lead, HRF

Alex Li

Bitcoin development lead, HRF

Arsh Molu

Events and logistics lead, HRF

This is just one part of the 16th Oslo Freedom Forum, taking place from June 3 to 5 in Oslo, Norway. You can find additional details about the event and participating speakers at oslofreedomforum.com and regular updates on our X and Instagram.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Oslo Freedom Forum, please contact [email protected]. If you are interested in attending as a member of the media, please contact [email protected].

If you are interested in bringing your family to the OFF Camp for Kids, please contact [email protected]. OFF Camp for Kids is an interdisciplinary human rights camp that includes fun activities, sports, and educational programming around the city of Oslo.