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OSLO, NORWAY (June 2, 2023) – The Human Rights Foundation’s Art in Protest program is pleased to announce Forging Your Own Path, an art exhibition featuring 12 Cuban artists, including TIME “Icon,” founder of Movimiento San Isidro, and current political prisoner of the Cuban dictatorship, Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara.

The exhibit will be on display at Hos Arne in Oslo, Norway, from June 12 to June 16, as part of the broader celebration of the 2023 Oslo Freedom Forum (OFF).

Forging Your Own Path showcases the work of Cuban artists — both inside Cuba and in exile — who have been influential leaders in the recent awakening of the country’s civil society. Curated by Claudia Genlui and Alfredo Martínez, the exhibition calls for embracing a pluralistic Cuban reality and deconstructing the island’s totalitarian regime to build bridges of acceptance. It underscores the responsibility of Cubans to forge their own path and to foster a culture of learning, resistance, and succession.

“Independent artists have been at the forefront of the pro-democracy movement in Cuba. Their artwork and voices have inspired an entire generation of Cubans to stand up against one of the world’s oldest and most repressive dictatorships. We are deeply honored to be able to help bring this exhibit to Oslo, showcase the wonderful work of these artists, and remind the world of the plight of millions of Cubans suffering under a brutal authoritarian regime,” HRF senior policy officer, Álvaro Piaggio, said.

To RSVP for the opening reception on June 12 from 17:00-19:00 at Hos Arne, please contact [email protected].

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