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The Human Rights Foundation’s “Lifelines” documentary series captures the stories of tireless human rights activists around the world, fighting to make their homes a more just, more free, and more democratic place.

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Rafael Marques De Morais, a journalist and civil rights activist who is working to bring awareness to the roots of conflict diamonds in Angola, a bloody trade thathas led to serious human rights consequences at the hands of the government.

Tahir Imin, the Uyghur rights activist and survivor of China’s “reeducation camps”who is helping to expose the truth about China’s million-person prison camps.

Lisa Sánchez, the executive director of Mexico United Against Crime (MUCD), a Mexican nongovernmental organization that has been working on citizen security, justice, and drug policy issues since 1998.

Edipcia Dubón, a Nicaraguan pro-democracy and women’s rights advocate who fled the country after she was illegally ousted from her role in the National Assembly by the Ortega regime.

Omar Mohammed, an Iraqi historian who ran Mosul Eye, a blog documenting life under ISIS occupation. He risked death with every keystroke, secretly running a high quality one man blog that was thought to be a sophisticated group operation.

Mai Khoi, the Vietnamese pop star and political activist. Known as the Lady Gaga of Vietnam, she reached stardom in 2010 when she won the country’s highest award for songwriting.

Vladimir Kara-Murza, a filmmaker, journalist, and campaigner for smart sanctions on Russian oligarchs. He has survived two assasination attempts by the Russian government because of his outspoken pro-democracy advocacy.

Nathan Law is a young Hong Kong activist, currently in exile and based in London. Due to the risk imposed by the draconian National Security Law, Nathan left Hong Kong and continues to speak up for Hong Kong people on the international level.