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We are two months away from the start of the 14th annual Oslo Freedom Forum, where over the course of three days, you will connect with and hear from our community of changemakers, who will share their personal stories and inspire action through the exchange of ideas.

Join us on May 23-25 in Oslo, Norway, at the Oslo Concert Hall to learn how you can become the change you want to see in the world.

Meet our growing list of keynote speakers:

Jewher Ilham advocates on behalf of her father and millions of other Uyghurs currently detained in China’s concentration camps.

Fatma Karume continues to use the courts and Twitter to challenge the Tanzanian regime’s democratic backsliding, even after her law office was bombed.

Hamlet Lavastida is a Cuban contemporary artist who was imprisoned and continues to use his creativity to support Cuba’s pro-democracy movement, while living in exile.

Glacier Kwong grew up in Hong Kong when it was still free, and now in exile, remains a leading voice in Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement as a political and digital rights activist.

Philippa Thomas brings her outstanding skills and experience as a former BBC TV and radio presenter to interview upcoming speaker Agnès Callamard live.

Michela Wrong, author of the acclaimed book Do Not Disturb, which exposes the Rwandan dictatorship’s propaganda, will lead a conversation with Rwandan activist Carine Kanimba.